Bontrager Unveils New Carbon Wheelsets

Aeolus XXX builds on Aeolus’ renowned performance with a lighter, faster, more stable design.

Press Release – Bontrager has released an entirely new lineup of carbon road wheels perfect for dedicated road racing and riding yet durable enough for cyclocross racing and gravel use. The Aeolus XXX lineup features three distinct rim depths for a wide range of riding applications, and builds on the success of Aeolus D3 with a redesigned shape that’s lighter, faster, more stable, and offers better braking performance.

Most notably, the new shape was designed to perform well and provide additional stability in crosswinds, allowing riders to run a deeper rim with more confidence than ever before.

Three years of development, 10,000 test shapes, and the most sophisticated analysis available

Bontrager plotted over 10,000 aerodynamic shapes while developing Aeolus XXX, with each new design building on the strengths and learning from the shortcoming of those previous. Shapes were further refined by selecting leading shapes and analyzing them each to find the ideal balance between strength and weight. Bontrager ultimately landed on three unique rim profiles that each provide leading stability, speed, and weight for their depth:

Aeolus XXX 2 with a 28mm depth is the lightweight climber, strong enough for cyclocross and gravel riding: $2399.98/set
Aeolus XXX 4 with a 47mm depth is the do-it-all workhorse, fast and stable for everyday aero performance: $2399.98/set
Aeolus XXX 6 with a 60mm depth offers ultimate speed with unmatched stability, bringing an ultra-aero wheel to more riders and conditions: $2399.98/set

Laser Control Track brings alloy brake performance to carbon wheels

Bontrager set out to address one of the biggest shortcomings of carbon wheels by benchmarking alloy rim braking performance in the development of Aeolus XXX, specifically targeting wet conditions. Thanks to a unique, laser-etched texture on the braking surface called Laser Control Track, the wheels provide better modulation and an increased sense of control with braking performance that is on par with alloy rims.

Key features of Aeolus XXX wheels:
All-new shapes that are optimized for each depth and intended use. The result is that classic Aeolus ride quality riders have come to expect with best-in-class aerodynamics and stability that gives a rider more confidence in crosswinds.

Laser Control Track massively improves braking performance for stopping power directly comparable to alloy rims, especially in wet conditions.

A wider 21mm internal rim width provides great tire support for today’s wider tires, and the included TLR strips make tubeless setup simple.

Reliable and smooth-rolling DT-Swiss hub internals with 36-point star ratchets laced with DT-Swiss Aerolite spokes offer lightning-fast engagement. Laser-etched graphics provide a clean finish without additional weight.

All Aeolus XXX wheels are designed and domestically manufactured at Trek’s Global Headquarters in Waterloo, WI, USA. Carbon Care Loyalty program allows riders to buy with confidence and easily replace wheels damaged outside of warranty.

Aeolus XXX is available in three rim depths for rim and disc brakes. All available in tubular and clincher versions.

The Aeolus family also includes the Aeolus Pro. The All-New Aeolus Pro 5 is a 50mm deep tubeless-ready rim brake wheel that perfectly balances durability, weight, and aerodynamics. Through an aggressive price point, the Aeolus Pro promises to bring the performance and ride feel of carbon wheels to more riders. Aeolus Pro is available immediately and offers the benefits of a deep carbon road wheel at substantial cost savings compared to the competition.

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