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Bopworx has created a better solution to protecting your bike during transport and storage.  Whether it’s a bike on a car rack, in a car, in a box, or in a bag, one of the most overlooked areas is reusable and specific protection for your expensive investment.


Paul and Ciara McGriskin created the Bopworx line of products to help solve their personal issue while also filling a void in the market. Paul, an architect, spent time carefully securing the family bikes to the rear of their RV and noticed it didn’t matter how he arranged them, there was always contact between them. Paul scoured the internet and local bike shops for a solution to stop the bikes getting damaged. In 2013, Paul and Ciara researched the need for these types of products by analyzing how people transport their bicycles and examined all the potential contact points.


Bop Bumper – The Bop Bumper is their original product, designed to be placed wherever you might need to protect your bike and your car against dings and scratches. The principle of the Bop Bumper is to create space between a bicycle frame and another object from impacting on each other during transportation and storage.


Double Bumper – The ideal solution for traveling with multiple bikes on a rear or hitch car rack, or when travelling with a bike case. The Double Bumper has two faces and rotates in the middle, allowing you to align each side at any angle.  Each side has a soft yet durable rubber contact and straps securely on each side with our hook and latch system.  It creates enough space to prevent two bikes from damaging each other while on the road, in a dual bike case, or even while simply in storage. The Double Bumper is also an essential product when traveling with your bike in a single or dual bike case. It is designed to allow you firmly hold the handle bars, seat post and any other free moving objects in place by attaching them to the bike frame during travel.


Fork Guard – The Fork Guard is designed to protect your bicycle’s fork from damage when traveling with your bike in a car, a bike case, or simply in storage.  The wheels roll for ease of loading into your vehicle and the soft rubber wheel finish prevents cuts and scrapes to the interior of your vehicle. Protect your fork tips, blades, and vehicle interior all in one. A detachable and retractable disc brake caliper keeps your disc brake pistons from closing if you have disc brakes, yet snaps cleanly out of the way if you have conventional brakes. The Fork Guard also allows the bike to stand stable on the ground with the front wheel off. The Fork Guard has been developed for universal use with all bicycle types and is specifically designed to work with both standard drop outs and 15mm x 100mm through-axles.


Rear Derailleur Guard –  This is the best solution for protecting your rear derailleur and derailleur hanger. Simply loosen the quick release, insert the Guard, and close the quick release to hold firmly in place.  Made of a very tough plastic, it will protect your bike from strong side impacts. Using the Rear Derailleur Guard in a bike case is easy as well.  When the wheel is not in the frame simply use a chain-tensioning quick release or rear wheel spacer and the Guard will stay in place.


Bopwrap –  The Bopwrap is their newest addition to the line and allows you to wrap up multiple sections of the bike using easy to secure, reusable high-grade rubber attachments. The rubber straps allow you to secure it just about anywhere on the bike. They can also be joined together to make larger wraps. It comes in two sizes small and large and a great replacement for foam tubing and tape that starts to break down after only one or two uses.


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