Breaking News: Mavic Goes Into Receivership

Sad news or as the French would say, "Sacre' Bleu!"

In a news item that is not the least bit surprising. but nonetheless unfortunate and painful to hear, our friends at BRAIN  were rhe first to break the news that the fabled French wheel maker Mavic has gone into receivership.  Apparently, it’s a complicated morass on the business side, but the 130 year old wheel brand – famous not only for pioneering the industry’s first aluminum wheel (away from wood!), but also the iconic bright yellow tech support cars that have been a Tour de France fixture for decades – had long ago disappeared from the scene. In addition to a legacy wheel factory built on aluminum production, even their purchase of Utah based carbon wheel brand Enve, which made sense on paper, but never thoroughly thought through, was not enough to bring them any added muscle.

We hope that somehow Mavic is able to figure things out and re-establish the brand in some new form at least to ensure the at the “yellow car” stays around.