Can You Get Insurance on an Electric Bike?

Although the use of e-bikes is growing fast across all states, many states are yet to draft guidelines for riding them. Some of the states that have guidelines already require e-bikes to be insured, have a registration number, and riding gear. Your e-bike is a pricey bike and it will help if you insure it even if it is not a requirement in your state.

An insurance cover for your e-bike will protect you against theft, collision, crash, fire, or vandalism. Some insurance policies will give you added advantages such as rental reimbursement, spare parts, and riding gear without asking for additional costs.

Why e-bike insurance is important for you

The field of ebike insurance USA provides risk cover for any situation or property that is valuable. This is because if the owner of the valuable item loses it, it might cost them a big sacrifice to purchase another item of the same value.

Currently, e-bikes’ value is averaged at about $3,000, although some might cost as high as $12,000. This is a big investment that needs protection against damage or theft. The bike is made with complex features that might be expensive to repair if they get damaged. With an e-bike insurance cover, you will feel at peace anytime you lock your bike to enter a building, jog in a field, or enjoy a cup of coffee in a restaurant.

An e-bike can cruise at a speed of 28 MPH, which increases the chances of a collision on the road. To give it a better grip at that speed, it’s built with a heavier frame. In case of a collision, it would cause bigger damage to people’s property. Without insurance, you might go through tough court battles.

Automotive and homeowners’ insurance offers limited cover for e-bikes

If belongings in a home are damaged by calamities or theft, homeowners’ insurance is supposed to cover for the damage. Unfortunately, the cover you might get for your e-bike might be insignificant compared to its cost. It is better if you get a special cover for your e-bike, a cover that you are certain will cover the entire cost of your e-bike.

Mostly, the homeowners’ insurance will only cover belongings that were inside the hose at the time of the damage. If your bike was outside (which is the most probable scenario), you shall not receive any cover.

Which type of e-bikes requires to be insured?

Some states have made it illegal to ride an e-bike without insurance, although most states are yet to make it illegal. Regardless, e-bikes are costly and it is better to insure than to regret when it’s too late.

An e-bike is a motorized bike that can cruise the road without pedaling assistance, although sometimes you might peddle to assist faster motion. Regardless of whether your e-bike falls under classes 1, 2, or 3, it will require insurance as long as it is a motorized bike.

What most e-bike insurances cover

Although many policies are different in what they cover, most of them will cover the following details.

  • If your bike is stolen at home or another place

  • Cover costs for hiring a replacement bike as you wait for reimbursement processes

  • Damages caused by an accident or malicious people

  • If you are injured while riding your insured e-bike

  • If a third-party claims compensation from you

  • Insurance for riding gear

Some will provide cover for your nuclear family members, bike breakdowns, and using your bike abroad.

What to look for when shopping for e-bike insurance cover

What will determine the cost of your e-bike insurance cover is the cost of the bike, type of the bike, and insurance type. Generally, you should look for features such as –

Liability – This is what the insurance covers such as personal injuries, medical cover, and property damage cover.

Theft – Check if the company will buy you another bike if it gets stolen or vandalized. Accidents – if you ever get involved in a collision with a vehicle, hit someone on the road, or get an accident away from the road, check if the company will cover that too.


The average cost of an e-bike is around $3,000 although some might cost up to $12,000. You might not have control over some misfortunes such as a road accident, fire, or theft. However, you can take precautions against such issues by taking insurance for your e-bike. Different companies offer e-bike insurance but your main point of check should be whether the company covers all of your major concerns. These are concerns such as theft, medical costs, accidents, fire, etc.

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