Lunch Ride Review: Cat 5 Gear Bag

With the New Year having  come and gone we are in full swing of 2016, and one of our shared goals at RBA is try to be more organized. Apparently, the guys over at Cat5Gear read our minds and recently sent over a gear case, just what we needed! The Cyclist Case ($60) is a great way to give your essentials a portable home. When it’s time for the weekend trip it’s perfect, just zip it closed and everything you need is with you wherever the weekend takes you.

We set the bag up to have two large compartments that house our shoes in one and helmet in the other and  two smaller compartments for gloves, arm warmers, and a set of knee warmers or leg warmers. There are a few locations that have mesh pockets that we have filled with nutrition, heart rate monitor, computer, chain lube, chamois cream, and some sunscreen.

Mesh top allows airflow and ventilation.

The bag is made of mostly nylon and uses a hard wall insert on three of the walls.  The top is removable in case you’re using it as an organizer in your car or at home and don’t plan on closing it. The top is also about ¾ mesh to let helmets and shoes breathe, while the outside is simple and clean with two mesh water bottle pockets with an adjustable cord to hold them in snug. A neat little add on is the included blank checklist that has its own pocket so you can keep track of your gear or remind yourself of things you often forget. No one likes to be that guy who is late because he forgot his helmet or maybe warm gloves on a cold morning.

The case full with everything needed for a day on the bike with room to spare.

Overall we are happy with the entire case. We also like the optional bag for wet or dirty items called The Sac. It’s great if you got stuck out in the rain or you decide to take the dirt option on your ride. Just toss all the dirty stuff in there and you’re good without getting the entire case dirty. The case is light and the construction has been solid. This entire system is a great gift idea or add-on for any cyclist. Visit them at

The Sac add-on keeps dirt contained


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