Chasing The Chaise At Dirty Kanza

Salsa Cycles puts in the effort to keep it fun

It comes to you like a mirage. There you are suffering in the heat, cramping, sore and dirty, when suddenly, this kitschy photo studio appears on the horizon in the middle of nowhere. What the heck?!

Thanks to Salsa Cycles, the Dirty Kanza has featured their “Chase the Chaise” photo stop for all the participants.

“Chase the Chaise is back for a second year of dirt, sweat and tears from thousands of riders across the land. Salsa Cycles celebrates the culture of the gravel cycling movement. Through grassroots and DIY efforts, the calendar of high-quality gravel races continues to grow, and so does the number of B-road fanatics that travel, support, ride and race together throughout the year. For the second season in a row, at six events across the country, we’ll be giving racers a chance to relax – if just for a minute – to immortalize a moment of their day and their participation in a fantastic event.”










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