IN PERSON: Team JGR’s Weston Peick

By @JonHornbeck


Earlier this year we caught up with Autotrader/Suzuki/Joe Gibbs Racing’s Weston Peick as he was out training for the upcoming Supercross season. Unfortunately after a great start to the season he suffered a season ending injury. Weston just recently got back on the bicycle and while he was out putting in the miles we caught up with him to see how he’s been since his recent injury.




Weston, take us through your recent injury which your coming back from?


I crashed over the bars during practice at round 4 of the Monster Energy Supercross series in Phoenix, AZ on January 28th. My wrist/hand went into the face of the next jump as I went over the bars and from the impact I sustained it resulted in a dislocated wrist, dislocated perilunate bone out of the socket, tore the tendons on it and broke my ulna. I had surgery following the crash where I got four pins put in with an anchor that holds down my perilunate bone and a screw in my ulna. 


How was the season going until your crash?

The season was going really well until the round four crash. I was starting to get into my groove with the first three races where I was continuously getting better results. We were in the top 10 every round with an eighth at Anaheim 1, seventh at San Diego and a fifth at Anaheim two for the third round. I was starting to feel really comfortable and the season was going really well before the injury.




What have you been up to the last couple months during your time off?

The last two months have been tough, I’ve just been going through a lot of pain with many ups and downs with the injury. Since the cast came off though the last three weeks I have been able to get back to doing everyday stuff that I’ve wanted to do. It was a tough time though sitting around not being able to race. It’s looking up though now as we’re getting closer to being back on the bike.


When did you start getting back on the bicycle?

Last week was the first time I was able to get back on the bicycle. My wrist is finally good enough where I can put pressure on it now while having them on the handlebars. I’ve started to slowly ramp up my training while not overdoing it too much to make sure my wrist doesn’t get aggravated. I’ve also done a couple days on the mountain bike as well to see how it holds up going over bumps as I want to get back on the dirt bike soon. 




When do you hope to get back on the dirt bike?

As of right now I’m hoping to ride at the end of next week. We’ll see how it feels that first day and hopefully everything is good and I can get back into my old routine. The goal is to be ready to show up for the first round of the Outdoor Nationals which is up north at Hangtown on May 21st. 


What have been your thoughts on the current Supercross season so far?

It’s been good. The typical ups and downs with different riders where they have some inconsistency here and there but a lot of riders have been showing some good speed. With watching from the outside you get to learn a bit on what riders do and how they perform so ya,  I would say it’s been a good season to watch so far. 




Photos: JGRMX

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