The Supercross Way: Riding With Weston Peick

By Jon Hornbeck

Today we caught up with Supercross/Motocross Professional Weston Peick.  Weston currently races for the Joe Gibbs/Autotrader Suzuki Factory team and we had a quick chat with him as he prepares for round 1 of the 2017 AMA Supercross series opener  which will be at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California on January 7th.  Weston fills us in on how he uses the bicycle for added training.

RBA: How much time do you spend on your bicycle during the week?

Weston: During the week depending on my schedule with going to the motocross track I typically spend 3 – 4 days a week on the bike.  In total it’s usually about 5 hours a week.  It depends on the time of year though as Supercross is about to start so I’ve been tapering down my volume.  I was putting closer to 10 hours a week on the bicycle in the October, November months.


RBA: Does the amount of time spent on your bicycle change through out the year with your race seasons?

Weston: Yes, it changes quite a bit.  Our biggest break we get are the months at the end of the outdoors to the beginning of Supercross so we tend to put more time in on the bicycle.  It will be more base though and not a lot of intensity.  Once we start getting closer to January the hours will come down and the intensity will go up.  We spend a lot of time testing our new dirt bikes at the tracks, which cuts into our time available to cycle.

RBA: Do you enjoy cycling or is it more viewed as just a tool for your job?

Weston: There are definitely days where I enjoy it and there are days where I hate it but its one of those things where it’s part of the job.  I believe its one of the better ways to get fit and optimize your endurance other then using different forms of cardio.

RBA: Have you noticed your fitness improving with more cycling brought onto your program?

Weston: I think for my body size and style, cycling for me is a key part to my training.  I am a bit on the bigger then normal size so I don’t need to work on a big load of gym work and I can get away with doing more cycling to build up my endurance and strength that way.  I feel I can sustain my max intensity more out on the track after working on more structured intensity which I do on my bicycle.



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