Cinelli’s Answer To Indoor Fitness

"Yoga pills" to keep help keep you fit & sane

Press Release

Spring is perfect for cycling: days are getting longer, sun is warm but not hot, even the wind is milder.
Unfortunately, the Coronavirus requires everybody to stay at home to safeguard the community health. Thanks to virtual reality, however, we can train with our friends while staying at home. Which is not the same but something.

 To complete the indoor training Cinelli asked Marta Castronuovo to create “Cinelli Cares”, a series of yoga video pills specifically designed and addressed to the cycling community to complement the preparation of cyclists, working on strength and flexibility, with the aim of improving performance on the pedals.

Marta, yoga teacher and founder of Yoga à Porter, the widespread and home-based yoga, will win over even the most resistant cyclists. Her proposal is designed for those who ride strong and promises “to make athletes ride with all the muscles of the body and not just with the legs.” Using stretching on the parts typically most at work and strengthening the other muscles that go to the rescue and keep them tight. “At that point you fly, you don’t lose energy and you get an harmonious and efficient push and pull”.

The Cinelli Cares cycle is a complete training program, come to be thanks to the meeting between Cinelli’s idea of providing a useful tool for riders and Marta’s kaleidoscopic education: graduated in Philosophy, Art and Anthropology she combines the extensive study and practice of Yoga, Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

The entire series of Cinelli Cares will be broadcast starting tomorrow at 6pm CEST, then every Tuesday and Friday, on IGTV Cinelli Official channel.

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