Corima G30.5 Gravel Bike Wheel Review

Handmade in France


Famous for their minimally spoked carbon wheels, Corima’s production dates back to 1988, and of the three wheels tested here, the French-made hoops enjoy a solid pro peloton legacy (currently in use by the Astana team). 

Corima’s 30.5mm-deep G30.5 is a gravel- and all-road-focused carbon wheelset. A 21mm internally wide hookless rim is designed around a base of 28mm tubeless tires. Corima includes Stan’s rim tape to complete the tubeless-ready system. In line with the latest carbon rim tech, Corima used a hookless bead design similar to the latest releases from Zipp and Enve. The design uses the natural forces from the tubeless system to secure the tire rather than relying on a hooked rim. This allows the sidewall to form flatter to the rim to reduce drag and increase compliance.

Without a tubeless rim standard in the cycling industry, Corima tested a swathe of tires and released a list of recommended rubber for the G30.5 rim shape. While their list includes many tubeless options for both road and gravel, it is a bit confusing. The confusion is due to the fact they also indicate a non-tubless tire is compatible with their hookless bead. The list also includes many tires under their recommended 28mm. These are the tire Corima recommends specifically for the G30.5.

Hutchinson Overide 700×35

Maxxis Rambler 700×40

Michelin Power Gravel Evo 700×40

Schwalbe G One Bite 700×40

Schwalbe G One Speed 700×35

Vittoria Terreno Dry 700×40

The 20 J-bend spokes hold the DT Swiss 240S hubs to the braided carbon rim. The hubs are a solid added value to the wheelset. It uses a star ratchet with 36 points of engagement and is built to last. Given that DT Swiss recommends the 240S for mountain bike and cyclocross applications, it’s a fair guess that they will be up to the task of enduring many miles.


Corima’s G30.5 wheels come with Stan’s rim tape and valves pre-installed. It’s a small but worthy acknowledgment that the French brand has been taking notes for one of their initial tubeless-ready wheelsets. We opted for the recommended Continental Grand Prix TL tires and were met with a straight-forward mounting process that’s finger-friendly and completed without tire irons. Given their tubeless nature and an air compressor, it provided the pressure du jour.

The DT Swiss 240s is a solid value add to the Corima G30.5 build.

Initially, we noticed the greater feeling of grip with 25mm (measured 27mm) tires the Corimas provided over a narrower rim and tire setup. This allows much more confidence in corners due the handling characteristics of the tire for those upgrading to a wider rim.

Hard efforts are reciprocated by the shallow 30.5mm carbon rim. The rim flexes vertically with impressive compliance while maintaining lateral stiffness. Vibrations from small cracks and road imperfections are absorbed efficiently compared to narrower rims with 25mm tires. Longer rides are aided by the increased impact reduction provided by the extra vertical compliance.


One of our favorite gravel tires on the market is the Maxxis Rambler. When we opted for a gravel-focused setup, the recommended Ramblers were an easy choice. They mounted easily, but  still required the use an air compressor to seal the deal, after an unsuccessful attempt with a standard floor pump. When mounted the tires measured true to size thanks to the 21mm internal width and hookless rim design. In a past test on a narrower, 19mm wide rim, the 40mm Ramblers measured just 37.5mm.

The weight difference between the skinny tires and the Ramblers was noticeable but expected from the 384-gram tires. On the dirt the Corima’s emphasize the abilities of the tires. Like the latest releases from Zipp and Enve, the hookless rim design maximizes the grip and handling of the tires. The design allows wider tires to hold their intended shape.


Corima has unveiled a swathe of revamped wheel designs this year, with the G30.5 being the most well-rounded and moderately priced. At just over 1500 grams, the Corima brings some hand-built Euro panache and offers solid value as a tubeless-focused, low-depth, carbon wheelset. They are ideal as a modern wheel option on the road with a 28mm tire or as an all-road capable wheelset and even a gravel set up with bigger 40mm tires.


Tubeless performance

Compliance focused

Modern hookless rim design


Price: $2,200

Weight: 714/816 (1530)

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