The Cub House bike shop in San Marino has never resembled anything like your typical “local bike shop”. Billed as the America’s #1 Bike and Plant Shop, from the very distinctive kits they’ve produced for years to their newly created Beach Club bike brand, co-founders Sean and Danny have from the beginning pursued a very different  path to spreading bike love.  The following is just some of what we witnessed last weekend at their 5th annual bike/car show.


Thanks to shop owners Sean & Danny, for one day a year the otherwise bland and stuffy city block in San Marino is transformed into a colorful, people oriented festival.


The interior of the Cub House is a veritable menagerie of old and new products and collectibles.


More than just bikes and bike parts were up for sale.


With it’s spindly Time  carbon fork Spinergy wheels and Cinelli Alter stem, this late 90s Saeco Cannondale received a lot of votes for best of show for it’s period correct spec.


One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.


There were more than classic road bikes on display evidenced by this pristine Datsun pick-up truck loaded with a pair of sweet, chromed BMX bikes (Robinson & Powerlite).


This beautiful Gianni Motta was a real attraction with it’s stars-n-stripes livery and the red pedal cages with blue toe clips and white straps was a nice touch. The San Rensho BMX bike in the background was another sight to see,


Just wow! How about owing a collector’s set of GT Superbikes from the ’96 Olympics?!


Cub House’s ace mechanic Simon was showing off a combo of bikes that included this beautiful Casati and a polished Cannondale Delta with a rare cable-actuated PowerPost seatpost.


A sweet Mini-Cooper with roof rack, roll cage and nice steel bike up top.


A classic example of vintage air conditioning!


All kinds of bikes were on display and up for popular vote for Best In Show accolades.


With every Bontrager frame there’s always been a debate about whether the frame is a “Santa Cruz” or “Wisconsin” build. Either way, this clean 1x with the carbon legged Rock Shox Judy was good to see.


Compared to the bloated modern versions, this 70’s era Bronco was  picture of off-road simplicity and a popular attraction.


Sean Talkington is the co-founder of the Cub House and was happy with the turnout for both the bike show and the previous day’s gravel ride that attracted over 200 riders.


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