Ryan Steers shows off his new steed

One of our favorite drafts and local nice guy Ryan Steers just completed his custom gravel bike. At 6’ 6” with a 38” inseam he is the perfect candidate for the custom route and was going to be the only way to find a bike that truly fits. Ryan started working with Moots and CADEX in January to put together a build for the Routt RSL. Working with Moots, he was able to translate his proportions into a custom frame geometry with a head tube and seat tube that would accommodate his admittedly awkward body size.

“I wanted a ride that was comfortable, light, and durable, and it’s so rare to achieve all of those qualities in one bike but I think I nailed it. If you’ve ever ridden a titanium bike you know it hits the sweet spot when it comes to strength and ride quality, so I went with the Moots Routt RSL. It has Moot’s new Hunter finish and I hadn’t seen it in person when I ordered it so it was a nice surprise.”

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“At just over 1300 grams a pair, the CADEX 42 wheels roll forever and I put them through the wringer on my previous Giant Revolt. I went pretty standard gravel gearing and spec’d it with SRAM Force AXS Wide, 10-36 with a 43/30. Moots was also able to integrate the brake cables within the frame so it’s clean and cable-free. And, since we treat our gravel bikes like mountain bikes here in the Santa Monica Mountains I opted for the AXS wireless dropper because when you have a center of gravity as high as mine it’s pretty easy to roll over… and it’s a long way down.”

“Rounding it out, the IRC Bokens let the bike stay confident in the single track and are quick on all the connecting asphalt. The gravel bike has been my go-to ride for the last four or five years now because it’s perfect for the mix of terrain we have here around LA.”

“While I’ve stepped back from my competitive racing days, I still love to put in 12+ hour days for fun and I’m so grateful to have a bike that’s comfortable regardless of ride duration or terrain. I’ll be heading out to SBT GRVL in August and I look forward to checking out the Moots factory and letting the bike play in its natural habitat.”

Follow more of Ryan’s adventures and see bikes that likely have a head tube longer than your top tube, check out his Instagram, @rsteers. Photos courtesy of Pedalers Fork.

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