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Cat5 Cyclist Case
cat5gear case3

Yeah, so maybe it’s  basically just a suitcase, by the Cat5 gear bag is easily one of our favorite accessories of the year because it does exactly what it was designed to do and costs less than $75. The Cyclist Case carries everything you need for a long day on the bike, and best of all, in the most organized manner possible. Available in five colors with custom embroidery options.  The handy check list (helps) make sure you always have everything you need – we never head-out without ours. Besides the Cyclist Case, Cat5 makes backpacks and bike bags as well.

Spurcycle Bell
Made of premium brass and stainless steel, the Spurcycle bell is a 45-gram, minimalist, bell, packing a powerful yet pleasant punch with a highly adaptable mounting system attaching to any handlebar, standard and oversize, aluminum and carbon. The combination of volume, tone and length of ring allows the cyclist to provide warning without the standard alarm or shock oft associated with the clang. Made in the USA, the bell is available in raw stainless steel or black, with a dome that measures 30 mm x 20.5 mm. Black ($59); raw stainless ($49).
Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza II 2-16 Pro Torque Wrench

In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Effetto Mariposa is producing a limited edition Giustaforza II Pro 2-16 torque wrench in a special gun-metal blue with a red pin.  The Giustaforza II Pro, with reversible ratcheting head, will be packaged in its original professional case allowing easier access of the bits while in the workshop.  The Giustaforza Pro torque is the preferred torque wrench among professional mechanics due to its simplicity, accuracy and extreme sturdy construction.  The Giustaforza Pro II is a nominee of the Accessory of the Year category for the 2016 Interbike Awards.  $249
Effetto Mariposa Shelter Wheel Kit

Effetto Mariposa’s new Shelter Wheel Kit is in direct response to the call for silence!  Nothing is more annoying than the rattling of your valve stem ruining a perfect ride.  The Shelter Wheel Kit includes 35 adhesive washers made of a transparent compound with visco-elastic behavior that fit snugly over the valve stem and adhere at the stem’s base.  With minimum bulk and weight, they provide an elegant and almost invisible silencing effect, cancelling unwanted valve movements and vibrations.  The re-sealable bag ascertains the washers will retain their properties for successive applications.  Each shelter washer weighs 1 gram.  $21Knog Mini Blinders
The Knog Blinder Mini punches far above its 18-gram weight with a choice of blinding LED technology and multiple features.  The be-seen light with tiny dimensions measuring 31 x 31 x 14 mm features an integrated USB that plugs directly into your charging point, an interchangeable strap and a tool-free attachment. Just wrap it around your bar or post, and go.  The Blinder Mini is so svelte you’ll barely notice it’s on your bike until you need it!  And when you do, you’ll be visible from 800 m in the front (20 lumens) and 600 m in the rear (11 lumes).  $29

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