E11EVEN Launches Carbon Wheel Line

Wheels will be available for purchase at Walmart

Press Release – “We were tired of seeing value oriented consumers buying unsafe cheap carbon wheelsets through Amazon and Alibaba so we decided to do something about it” CEO Richard Wittenberg states.

“E11EVEN was founded to provide a good product at a great price with American based customer service and warranty.” E11EVEN’s mission statement is quite simple. Create product which is a “ten” but the value makes it an “eleven”.

The line is comprised of two caliper brake models, a 35mm and 50mm depth. The internal width is 16mm, perfect for 25mm to 28mm width tires. Rims are tubeless compatible. The brake tracks are textured for improved braking performance and each set comes with special brake pads optimized to work with the wheels. Hubs are DT with bladed spokes. 16 spokes in the front wheel and 20 spokes in the rear. Quick Release skewers, spare replacement spokes and rims strips are included.

Weight for the 35mm wheelset is 1720g +/- 5% Weight for the 50mm wheelset is 1800g +/- 5% Both are available for less that $750 through WalMart.com.

Why Walmart.com? Because they are the most efficient distribution partner for the product. Leveraging there purchasing volumes helped E11EVEN negotiate better pries with its suppliers improving the value quotient.

Consumers can order online through WalMart.

Any questions about the product, service or warranty issues are handled directly with E11EVEN.

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