ENVE yet again shine light on the future of road rims and tires

We toss in a few tips to keeping road tubeless fresh.

Today Enve has notified their dealers that their tubeless ready wheels will no longer be supplied with the tube type rime strips. Why is this a big deal? Well, it only further reinforces that the future of road tires and wheels are tubeless. Yes, they still offer wheels that are not tubeless ready but we think this is the first step in phasing those offerings out. Many other companies have been making the transition as well but this is a bold step letting customers know they believe in it and that any drawbacks are outweighed by the benefits.

This doesn’t mean you cant use a tube, but just instead you will need to install the tubeless tape no matter if you choose to run tubeless or not. We always carry a tube in the case of any tubeless failure. If you do find yourself using a tubeless system and in need of a tube install to save the day we have a few tips.

  • Keep track of your tubeless valve as you will need to remove it to install the tube. They can be expensive if lost and some rims work better with the specific one that it was shipped with.
  • Inspect the tire. Tubeless tires that go flat are usually either heavily damaged and may need a tire boot or the sealant is dry and just needs refreshing.
  • While you are at it replace the valve core of the tubeless valve stem before reinstalling it. Make sure it is tight and pick up a valve core remover to make the job easier. Our friends over at Park Tool, Stans No Tubes and Biketube have some great tool to make this easy.
  • Check the tape and while the tire is off clean things up. Many times the tire can move the rim tape around and this can lead to some of the sealant getting under the tape. It’s not the end of the world because it will usually still seal but removing the old tape and installing new tape is easy and minimizes future problems.

Bellow is the notice sent out.

Dear Trusted Partner,
In order to improve the consumer’s experience with our tubeless compatible road wheels we’ve made the decision to remove traditional tube type rim tape from the Build of Materials and cease to include it with any tubeless compatible SES tubeless compatible road rims and wheelsets. The reason for this change is that some consumers struggle with tire installations when running inner-tubes because the tube-type rim strip bridges the drop-center of the rim and effectively increases the Bead Seat Diameter, complicating tire installation for less experienced users.

Our goal is that all SES rims and wheelset with tubeless compatibility be taped with the included tubeless tape regardless of whether they will run the wheelset with our without inner-tubes. This change will deliver a more user friendly tire installation and removal experience.

This change has been implemented and the first wheels will begin shipping today without the tube-type rim strips. Apart from today, no tubeless rim will ship w/ a tube type rim strip. As part of this change, each tubeless compatible SES rim will have a new warning sticker to ensure that a consumer does not attempt to install an inner-tube without first taping the rim with the provided tubeless tape.

The wheelsets that have received this change to the Build of Materials are:

SES 2.2 Clincher
SES 3.4 Clincher
SES 3.4 Disc Clincher
SES 5.6 Disc Clincher
SES 7.8 Clincher
SES 7.8 Disc Clincher

The SES 4.5 is not tubeless compatible and therefore will continue to ship with the tube-type rim strip installed on the rim and will remain available for order.

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