Enve’s No Questions Asked Lifetime Incident Protection

All Enve customers past, present, and future who are the original owners of their products are eligible

Crash your bike into the garage? Run your bike over with car? Forget your repair kit and ride the rim home, ok don’t do that but you could. Or maybe things just get a little too rowdy, Enve will replace the product, no questions asked.

Enve’s product warranty is already one of the industry’s strongest, covering materials and workmanship for 5 years for the original owner. Now the company has introduced Lifetime Incident Protection for all ride and accident damage for the original owner. This is for new customers as well as everyone who already owns their product as long as you are the original owner.

The Ogden, UT production line hard at work building wheels.

Press Release:

At Enve we combine in science and inside to create products with technologies that inspire you to ride, give you confidence to push your personal boundaries, and ultimately better your ride experience.

As such, we believe that the best warranty is the one you never have to use.

Since our founding in 2007, we’ve seen that as more and more companies enter the wheel and component aftermarket, warranties are being used as the primary selling point where technology alone can’t stand on its own. This is not the Enve way.

Enve Lifetime Incident Protection has been developed to remove all doubt that if you damage your product while riding, racing, or otherwise – Enve has your back and the damaged rim, stem, seatpost, fork, handlebar or hub will be replaced at no charge. All Enve customers past, present, and future who are the original owners of their products are eligible for this program by simply registering their product.

In addition to our new Lifetime Incident Protection program, the Enve 5-Year Limited Warranty will remain in place as our promise that if we deliver a product that fails to meet our specification standards for materials and/or workmanship, we will do everything in our power to make it right and meet your expectations.

To learn more visit: Enve warranty

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