Experience the 2019 Sea Otter Classic Virtually

Sea Otter Classic Adds New Media Partner to Increase Public Reach
Press release:
Sea Otter Classic is pleased to announce the addition of a bold new set of video and 3D technologies to allow those who cannot be at the world’s largest cycling event, to experience it virtually, online. The video technology and digital content distribution is made possible through the addition of a partnership with Sea Otter’s portfolio, of Colorado-based digiZūk, to the event’s marketing and content team.


DigiZūk’s involvement allows fans, industry members and journalists worldwide to experience the world’s largest cycling event in a desktop or mobile environment. Additionally, the company’s digital marketing team can be tasked with distributing assets produced online with getting wide reach to retail buyers, media outlets, or to thousands of cycling consumers.
The company is available for hire at the Sea Otter Classic this April 2019 to provide it’s full gamut of services to Sea Otter exhibitors and sponsors so they won’t have to procure and manage an additional outside multi-media team. DigiZūk will have multiple production teams on site to serve clients for these services.
In addition to the 85,000 cyclists and fans in attendance at the event, exhibitors utilizing the digiZūk’s service are expected to be able to reach thousands more consumers, buyers, media, and other groups online. DigiZūk currently estimates that their product combined with a comprehensive marketing strategy can have roughly a 2.5X positive impact across nearly all measurement factors (impressions, sales, orders completed, engaged visits, etc.) to increase ROI from marketing dollars invested into exhibiting at shows and consumer events.
“Sea Otter is truly a unique event featuring hundreds of exhibitor booths, countless competitor events, and endless family fun,” says Byron Swezy, Founder and President at digiZūk. “It’s an event that all 50-million-plus U.S. cycling enthusiasts should experience at least once in their lives, if not in-person, then virtually. This technology allows for just that. Cyclists globally, whether they’re consumers or buyers at a bike shop, can now see what Sea Otter is all about, online from a very dynamic point of view.”
“We’re delighted to offer this incredible service for brands who choose to come to Sea Otter,” said Frank Yohannan, CEO of the Sea Otter Classic. “This technology is a game changer. Exhibitors spend a lot of time and money producing Sea Otter experiences. DigiZūk will help them capture that excitement and make it available to everyone.”
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