Up mountains, around lakes and into the elements, Kona supported a gravel expedition across Chile aboard their drop-bar Libre gravel bikes. Riders push themselves with the support of  the group to explore the gravel less travelled in Chile.

Read our review of the Kona Rove LTD  gravel bike below.

If you remember it was only a few months ago that we tested another Kona, the carbon Libre, from the brand dominated by mountain bikes. Well, it seems that our friends at Kona might not offer a tarmac-specific, skinny-tire drop-bar bike, but they do have this dirt thing dialed. 

When it comes to just having fun on a bike and removing the labels and restrictions that many follow, the result is endless miles of joy. This is where the Kona Rove truly shines as a bike that on paper is pretty good at everything. The last time we reviewed the Rove was way back in July 2014, and while a lot has changed since then, the Rove seems to have stayed traditional but still modern.


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