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Optimism and Pessimism At 2008 Tour Around Antidoping Fight

In an exclusive interview, Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme told Jean Montois of Agence France Presse ‘For years the Tour de France has done what it could to fight doping. We are a major race organizer, but we’re not a regulator of the sport and we don’t want to be. As well as the […]

Harlem Rocks! Thrills and Spills at a New York City Classic

Father’s Day, June 18, saw the 35th running of the Skyscraper Harlem   Classic criterium in the fabled uptown Manhattan neighborhood.   Beginning with kids races and some family fun, the day really started   to roll as amateurs, women, and ultimately the professional men’s   peloton took to the four-corner course around Marcus Garvey Park.   While a morning […]

Giants in Mallorca: The 2009 Roll-Out

Its been five long years since Giant’s road line has received a major upgrade and so it is that 2009 is accordingly referred to as ‘the year of the road bike’ by the world’s largest bike maker

A blog is not a blog

This is so exiting…my own blog at last! I can now face my daughter as a credible citizen of the 21st century. Forget the last two decades of being a lowly “columnist”, this is 2008 baby and I’m stepping into the modern leagues of being a real somebody – I’m a blogger!People have recently asked me, […]

Faustino Munoz: Clean Is The Machine

Known by his nickname, “the worlds greatest mechanic” Faustino Munoz has been working as a professional team mechanic for over thirty years. He spent many years with his close friend Manolo Saiz at O.N.C.E., which became Liberty Seguros, then morphed into Team Astana. When Johan Bruyneel took over the Astana program  in late 2007, Faustino […]

Campagnolo Mini-Gran Fondo

There’s a reason why Italy produces great racers. The Mini Gran Fondos. We shot the Campgagnolo Mini Gran Fondo in Feltre, Italy to see if we could find the next Marco Pantani…..We found a few.

Riding Across The US Part 1

Chris Figuerida is not your average 27 year-old welder. He is about to set out on his second journey across the US to combat childhood obesity and promote healthy living. 68 days and over 4,000 later, he hopes to make a difference.

The Most Significant Time Trial Bikes In History

Throughout the history of cycling, time trialing has been known as the race of truth. It was a way of testing the true strength of a rider. No tactics, no team, just one rider and his bicycle. It defined riders, and decided races. Time trials became a key element to winning Grand Tours….

Cadel Evans Interview

Born in the remote Australian town of Katherine, Northern Territories, 31-year-old Cadel Evans has made a successful transition from champion mountain biker to top road pro. Currently in his eighth season on the road, Evans came from a brilliant career on the dirt where the tough Aussie …

Crumpton’s Seven-Pound Climbing Bicycle

Nick Crumpton constructs tube-to-tube carbon fiber frames and accessories, one at a time, and each one is individually sized and engineered for a single customer. The exquisitely made, 7.1-pound Crumpton Climber, as RBA calls it, was dreamed up by Colorado-based ‘Groupe de Tete’ which is metaphoric for ‘cost-is-no-object-racing-bicycles.’ Groupe de Tete assembled the Crumpton frame […]

Pack Secrets

Riding in the peloton takes knowledge, fitness and know-how. For many enthusiast riders, taking that next step and showing up for a group ride is the best way to not only meet other cyclists, but to take your riding to the next level. In order to find out from one of the best, we asked […]

Stan’s NoTubes Tubeless Conversion Kit

Stan’s NoTube tubeless conversion kits are used by the lion’s share of pro off-road cross-country racers, and now, Stan Koziatek has worked out a simple kit for 700C clincher wheels. The ramifications of this will be slow in coming at first. Prior to Stan’s Notube Kit, there was only one wheelset, Shimano’s Dura-Ace WH7850-S, and […]

‘Know Thyself And Be Free’

How can you ever know your true capabilities as an athlete if you use drugs to perform? How can the voyage of self discovery, so dramatically real to a racing cyclist, ever be fulfilled if you use drugs to compete? The riders who succumb to the temptation of performance-enhancing, illegal drugs will never know. I […]