New shapes and sizes from a legacy Italian brand

Founded in 1935, Selle San Marco is one of the more legendary Italian saddle makers and they have a new line of Aspide saddles designed to fit the contemporary “short” trends.

Press Release

Selle San Marco presents the new Aspide Short: the first saddle of the collection that presents the “visible body” to enhance the technical details and stylistic qualities. The length is reduced and the comfort increases. Available in 4 different versions.

The design that has conquered everyone, from today will be even more modern and captivating. In fact, we are entering the next era of Aspide, one of the spearheads of the Selle San Marco house for almost 20 years: the new “Short” version will be the first ever with a “visible shell”, so as to enhance in a completely new way and complete the value of the technical and stylistic details.

A winning choice does not change: the unmistakable shape of the Aspide returns with a large central hole (Open-Fit); while the reduced length (250mm, 28mm shorter than the previous Aspide) makes it possible to increase the level of comfort and to find the ideal seat more easily, thanks also to the range of sizes (S3 or L3) provided by the idmatch system.

The saddle structure is designed to give full support to the ischial bones, with a particular eye to versatility. The new Aspide Short adapts to different pedaling styles thanks to the optimal use of materials and technologies that correspond to the four available models: the Aspide Short Open-Fit Carbon FX (with carbon rail), Aspide Short Open-Fit Racing (with XSilite rail), Aspide Short Open-Fit Dynamic (with Manganese rail) and Aspide Short Open-Fit Sport (with FEC Alloy rail).

In addition – with the new Apside Short – Selle San Marco is expanding its product range by adding a new category: the “Sport”. A valid alternative that also corresponds to a new price range, dedicated to “entry level” customers, but still guaranteed by the highest quality of the product.



No matter what “family” of Selle San Marco saddles the new ShortFit iridescent falls under, it is an unquestionable looker.

“This particular model uses, among other components, a Microfeel cover, a Biofoam padding and a Nylon shell that has high properties, enriched with a high percentage of carbon fibers, to enhance its rigidity and durability without affecting weight. The Shortfit Racing Iridescent is only available in the Racing version, with Stealth Xsilite rail and with a weight of about 170g.

Measures: L 250mm x W 144mm
Price: €159

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Photo credits @radrace @yunushutterer


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