As a company, Orbea has been around since 1840, but didn’t start manufacturing bicycles until the 1930s. Today, it’s Spain’s largest bike company, with a hefty catalog of road, mountain, time-trial and city bikes on offer. A long-time bike sponsor of the Basque-based Euskaltel-Euskadi pro team, Orbea’s racing pedigree has been applied year after year to the refinement of its flagship model, the Orca.

For model year 2021 Orcas, Orbea has grandfathered much of the high-end OMX tube shaping, originally used on the 2020 model, to the OMR-level carbon frames.

Price: $6399

Press release:


OMR frames add high modulus and high strength fibers to a standard layup to improve stiffness-to-weight ratios. Bladder molding with EPS forms and PU headtube and bottom bracket inserts stop wrinkling and unconformities in critical zones, allowing less carbon to be used while maintaining strength.

The OMR frame utilizes rounded tube shapes (compared to OMX shapes that are more oval for maximum stiffness and aerodynamics) that improve compliance and reduce weight, making the OMR ideal for riders seeking a smooth and efficient ride quality.

The layup and dynamic structure of the new OMR frame give a compliance and vibration absorption 5% better than the previous Orca OMR and 10% higher than the Orca OMX.

The round 27.2mm seat post is 16% more compliant than a wider 30.9mm post, improving smoothness in the saddle without sacrificing frame stiffness at the bottom bracket.

The D-shape profile of the proprietary Orca OMX seat post offers comfort with an eye to aerodynamics.

The Orca OMX frame weighs 830g (size 53) with a world class stiffness level, and the new OMR frame tips the scales at 1030G (size 53).


Highest frames of Orca family blend high modulus fibers and high strength fibers exclusively. Prepreg carbon sheets are laser cut to minimize excess materials and overlap, and hours of premolding is done to ensure optimal compaction with the smallest amount of carbon. A full EPS mold and Latex inserts are used to eliminate wrinkles and imperfections.


Featuring the same cable and computer integration pioneered by the OMX frame, new model Orcas sport a similar level of style and performance.

ICR: Internal Cable Routing (ICR) is carefully guided along the best path under the stem and through the head tube, with no rub or rattle, and is optimized for both traditional and electronic shifting systems. Proprietary headset spacers smooth airflow and offer easy adjustment. The entire Orbea road line offers this clean solution with OC Integrated stems and cable covers.

STEM AND COMPUTER MOUNT: The OC2 and OC1 stems of the new Orca are light and stiff thanks to the oversized construction. A cable channel underneath guides under the stem into the headset spacers, the OC2 stem adds a size-specific cable cover.

The faceplate of the stem is compatible with an integrated computer mounting platform. Attach a computer or remove the mount for the ultimate clean appearance.


Orbea now offers two handlebar configurations: a standard compact road bar for a more traditional racing fit, and the OC Rise handlebar for a more upright position. The different handlebars are designated stock on various models, but handlebar type and stem length can always be customized through the MyO personalization platform.

New OC RISE handlebar: This simple and elegant ergonomic solution elevates the tops and drops of the traditional road bar, so your neck and shoulders can relax a bit more, focusing on a better ride ahead. Increase endurance with a position that enhances comfort.

Compared to a standard compact road bar, the 20mm rise and 5mm shorter reach dimensions of the OC Rise Handlebar replicate the geometry of an Endurance bike but keep the overall frame performance that made Orca famous.

Choose an OC Rise handlebar or OC Compact handlebar and of course stem length – all available through MyO – and personalize an Orca perfect for you.

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