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Thanks to an errant shipping company, our new 3T Exploro RaceMax Boost arrived too late to get a First Ride in for the launch date.  So what we have here instead is a First Look. And we have to say, just  pulling the bike from the box brought some smiles – the silver color gives the 3T an impressively sleek and modern look and the rear hub motor definitely helped maintain a light weight.  Look for our First Ride aboard the new 3T soon.

Press Release

At 3T, we are very happy to introduce the new Exploro Racemax Boost. In a crazy year full of ups and downs, getting this project across the finish line has been a company-wide effort.

The standard Exploro Racemax was introduced in 2020 to rave reviews for its light, responsive & fun ride. When it came time to make an e-bike version, we didn’t want to change anything: same geometry, same aero tube shapes, same agile steering.


We wanted to keep the fun and flow of a fast, agile gravel bike, not build a motorcycle with pedals. That means the system has to be very light, offer a very smooth power ramp-up & create no drag when turned off. In the end, 3T’s customized Mahle X-35 system offers all three and even better, it fits inside the Racemax frame without any change to the tube shapes!

The handy on/off button located on the top tube is also used to model through the three different power modes.

With its very natural pedaling feel, this is an e-bike for true cyclists. You may even forget you are riding an e-bike and think “Wow, I have amazing legs today!” We achieve this through 3 specifically-tuned levels:

ECO:  A quick ramp-up and a small Boost across the speed range, perfect to keep up with the group when your legs need a bit of support.

MEDIO: More support at climbing speeds, making challenging trails easier to navigate and helping you stay with the group on paved & unpaved climbs.

Maximum Boost for the most challenging terrain with a super smooth ramp-up and continuing through the speed range.


The Exploro Racemax Boost is designed for 3 types of rides:
1. The power support acts as a range extender for your adventures. The bigger the loop, the bigger the fun.
2. Riding in a group of varying ability can be frustrating. With a little extra support, nobody ever has to wait up anymore. Perfect for road & off-road rides.
3. Commuting. The power support enables you to arrive without a sweat and have an adventurous workout on the way home.

All of this makes the Racemax Boost the most versatile gravel bike ever, with a svelte road bike esthetic, gravel toughness and e-bike power for a wide variety of rides.

The flat handlebar version would be a solid urban warrior commuter bike.


The Racemax Boost is available in a drop bar version for ultimate speed and a flat bar version for ultimate control. The drop bar version even comes in an incredible 9.8 kg Ultralight version with a full-on gravel setup. All models are available to order now from 3T retailers and and start shipping between June and September.

3T’s own Torno carbon crank is spec’d on the Ultralight model to give the bike an added look of Euro exotica.


Exploro Racemax Boost Dropbar: 6,999 USD/EUR 7,299 GBP
Exploro Racemax Boost Flatbar: 6,999 USD/EUR 7,299 GBP
Exploro Racemax Boost Ultralight: 9,999 USD/EUR 10,299 GBP

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