One of the best parts of Italian cycling is the role that Italian families play in the history of so many bike and product brands. One such legacy is that of Alcide Basso  who first took up the torch 45 years ago.  The family run bike brand continues building their performance oriented bikes in Italy.

Zap got some firsthand knowledge of the Basso brand when he was given a tour of the the factory by company founder Alcide and and his son Allesandro.

It was just five years ago that we celebrated the Basso brand and lineage with the limited edition  Basso 40th anniversary bike.

“When Alcide built his first bicycle in 1977 in his father’s garage, ‘’Basso’’ was only his family name. However, he was already aware of the DNA he carried and got the ultimate inspiration and motivation from his brother, Marino Basso, who won the World Cycling Championship in 1972. As time went by, manufacturing bicycles with different materials such as aluminum, steel and carbon fibers with a Basso logo on them kept the soul and identity, this continued to remain the same and was protected by the core values that were born out of that garage, in Veneto, Italy.”

Rim brakes were the rule for the Basso 40th anniversary bike.



Press Release

Our nest Diamante SV, the bike that crystallizes 45 years of experience and perfectionism. A small production, as it was originally, in a limited series of 45 pieces. A collector’s item, but also a very high performance bicycle. A bike that does not want to be a point of arrival but a synthesis, the forerunner of Basso’s future.

The rarest and most precious gem

The starting point is Diamante SV, a perfect blend of technology and design that makes this the best Basso ever. It’s
our quest for the perfect bike: Super Fast, Super Versatile. This time even more unique and rened.
The exclusive 45th Anniversary livery, on which the Sapphire-colored details stand out, is the result of the work of
our creative team with our painting experts.
• Pure White. The purity of a bike without compromise.
• Chrome Blue Sapphire. A jewel that is embellished with the chromatic details that celebrate Sapphire’s wedding.
• Glossy Rose Gold. The prestige and charm of pink gold that tells about Vicenza and its deep connection with the
goldsmith’s art.

“I wanted to create a bike without compromise, free to be the best expression of what Basso is today, of who I am.
Inside there is only the best, until today. The definition of ‘state of the art’ of our first 45 years: the Diamante SV 45th Anniversario.” Alcide Basso


Meilenstein – Lightweight Wheels: The latest generation of top-of-the-range wheels from the German house still raises the quality bar. The carbon components – hub, hub flange and spokes – give a unique stiffness and smoothness, making the wheels more resistant to heat and shocks.
Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Speed Group Set: The 12-speed groupset offers fast, always accurate and effortless movement for the rider, along with a very gradual gear ratio. The EPS technology has been tested in the eld by athletes and, before seeing the light of the market, has passed the test phase of the CampyTechLab in the most demanding laboratory in the world: the World Tour.
Selle Italian SLR Boost Tekno SuperFlow: It is a full carbon  fiber saddle, to oer maximum lightness. Engineered by Dallara, it is handmade in Italy with Hi-Tech Carbon rail and Full Carbon hull, which give it a weight of about 95 grams. Equipped with Superow technology: a large central hole designed for releasing pressure from the perineal area.


The Scicon x Basso 45° Anniversario Aerocomfort Road 3.0 TSA bike carrier, to be able to take your bike everywhere, protecting it during longer journeys.
Go back to Basso’s home
A Basso Experience voucher for 2 people for a 3-night stay in Bassano del Grappa, to nd out where the Basso Bikes
are developed, produced and tested.
Dedicated accessories
A kit of complementary accessories dedicated to the anniversary to make the riding experience more complete.
Blockchain technology to protect future value
An NFT (non fungible token) certificate that certifies the authenticity and ownership of your Diamante SV 45° Anniversario.
To present Diamante SV 45° Anniversario, we organized the traveling event “The Road Show”. A way to display this
rare and precious bicycle that will be present in the selected stores of Basso partners for a limited period of time,
allowing customers to see it in person. The bicycles will travel from one dealer to another, accompanied by our
agents, and will be tracked with GPS technology.


“My greatest success is achieved in the exact moment in which someone gets on a Basso and starts pedaling,
experiencing the emotions that only riding a bicycle can give. Creating the conditions to allow people to pursue their goals, to enjoy the freedom of being one with their passion, this is the satisfaction in what we do. A body, a bike, the immensity of the world to be explored one ride after another.”

“45 years is a big part of life. I had the immense luck of being able to dedicate them to my vocation, building
something day after day into which I poured all my passion, my dedication, my perseverance. Inside there are me,
my family, all the people who have worked with us over the years. Over time, technologies have changed, the approach to cycling, the world that gravitates around it. Yet, even though a lot has changed in recent years, some things remain unchanged. 45 years ago, this adventure started with the same aim that we pursue today: to create the best riding experience.”

For More: Cicli Basso

Only in Italy!


When we tested the Basso Diamante SC the bike was regarded as a fast race bike.

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