One of the most incognito e-road machines we’ve seen with an aggressive race bike geometry. Bianchi will offer their classic Celeste color on the top e-road version, an aluminum women’s version and an e-Impulso e-gravel bike. All these bikes come with a 250-watt Ebikemotion motor with a hidden 250 Wh.

Talk about a bike that elicits plenty of comments and opinions! Due to its traditional look, wherever we rode the Bianchi, no one could believe that it was an e-bike. For some, that was an asset. For the angry mob, it was nothing short of duplicitous skulduggery.  

The bottom line: e-bikes are here, and they have a place and will thrive with an appreciative public who enjoy cycling but want/need just a little bit of assistance. Is that so horrible? 

Unlike non-assist bicycles, e-bikes face a litany of laws and regulations pertaining to their power and max speed. The Bianchi falls under the Class 1 category, which mandates a power assist cut-off at 20 mph and is the most widely allowed. To truly elicit a popular response from more serious roadies, e-road bikes would be better spec’d for a Class 3 designation that allows a motor to assist up to 28 mph. 

With the Aria e-Road, Bianchi nailed it in terms of appearance. As for performance, the bike could be the perfect antidote to the road enthusiast who wouldn’t mind a little extra assistance over the top of a long climb. It’s not illegal, it’s not cheating and it’s not immoral; it’s cycling.

Price: $6500



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