First Look: Canyon Ultimate CFR

The German marque ups the ante with even less weight

Press Release
Photo: Tino Pohlman

Canyon Factory Racing is the result of decades of expert engineering and intense athletic collaboration. From the molecular to the muscular, our athletes and experts have worked symbiotically to deliver a new class of racing bike a feedback loop between man and machine that has taken years of refinement. Why did we create Canyon Factory Racing? Because being the best always demands more of us as engineers, as athletes, and as lovers of the sport. Canyon Factory Racing is to
step up to the next level: to force ourselves to go faster, be smarter, and build better. It is the pursuit of greatness, distilled into three letters.

The Ultimate CFR continues the success of the benchmark-setting Ultimate CF Evo Disc, the lightest production disc brake road bike. It is the first in a range of CFR road bikes that will define performance within their categories. A celebrated all-round, Grand Tour-winning pedigree, the Ultimate CFR is all about delivering unparalleled stiffness-to weight for absolute efficiency. Lightness is essential to these builds, but so is durability, which is why all 675 g frames and 285 g forks exceed our rigorous testing standards.

This incredible weight is achieved by applying quality ultra-high modulus pitch-based carbon fibers rarely seen in the industry. The material is so special, we initially had to be granted exclusive permission by the Japanese Ministry of Defense just to gain access to it. In order to create a structure that is strong and durable, as well as light, the ultra-high modulus fibers are blended with various other modulus and high-tensile fibers to create the complete all-round package. This layup is then applied to moulds with clinical precision, ensuring minimal fiber overlap to save material and thus precious grams.

Frame details: 
The Ultimate CFR’s front derailleur mount is integrated into the carbon construction of the frame for improved aesthetics and further weight reduction. Compared directly with the Ultimate CF SLX Disc, with its aluminum mount screwed into the seat tube, this results in a saving of 7 grams.

Further savings are made at the seatpost clamp; whereas the Ultimate CF SLX Disc uses steel screws and inserts, the application of titanium for the Ultimate CFR Disc shaves another 3.5 grams. Lighter aluminum through axles (also found on the fork) than on our standard road models also keep weight as low as possible.

The Ultimate CFR is available in two complete builds and one frameset in seven sizes.


With a complete Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupset and 50 mm deep-section DT Swiss ARC 1100 DICUT wheels, the Ultimate CFR Disc Di2 weighs in at a UCI-illegal 6.5 kg, making it the envy of all racers. A very limited number of these will be for sale in the US for $7999.



For climbing purists, we created the superlight Ultimate CFR Disc EPS, which features a Campagnolo Super Record EPS groupset and DT Swiss PRC 1100 25Y Anniversary wheels to bring the scales down to a featherweight 6.2 kg. Framesets come complete with our 270 g CP0020 Cockpit and exclusive Schmolke 1K carbon seatposts, making them a blank canvas for that dream build starting from 1.5 kg. Unfortunately, the Campagnolo bike is a Euro-spec bike only – so you’ll have to call your friends over there (or in Canada) for the hook-up!

FRAME SIZE:   2XS       XS        S         M         L         XL         2XL
SEAT TUBE LENGTH (MM): 434   467   494   522   554   584   614
TOP TUBE LENGTH (MM):   513   529   543   556   571   596   612
HEAD TUBE LENGTH (MM): 89   107   130   148    174   195   213
HEAD TUBE ANGLE:  69.60 71.00 72.25 73.25 73.25 73.50 73.75 degrees
SEAT TUBE ANGLE: 73.9 73.8 73.8 73.8 73.8 73.8 73.8 degrees
CHAINSTAY LENGTH (MM): 415   415   415   415   415   415   415
WHEELBASE (MM):   983   988   993   996   1011   1034   1046
STACK (MM):   500   522   546   567   592   613   631
REACH (MM):   368   378   385   391   399   418   428
STEM (MM) :  80   80   90   100   110   110   120
CRANK ARM LENGTH (MM): 165 170 170 172.5 175 175 175

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