First Look: Factor VAM

Another lightweight wonder has arrived

Press Release

Renowned as one of the most forward-thinking designers and manufacturers of premium carbon bikes, is set to rewrite what’s possible in a sub-700g road frame by unveiling its latest model, the Factor O2 VAM (Velocità Ascensionale Media), available immediately (6th June).


Continuing Factor’s commitment to innovation, speed and performance through cutting-edge engineering, the O2 VAM introduces class-leading levels of integration, versatility, and ride dynamics into an ultra-lightweight package.

A Manufacturing Breakthrough

Not only does the O2 VAM challenge riders’ expectations for what is possible in a sub-700g road frame, but it also represents a breakthrough in carbon bike manufacturing: Utilizing a revolutionary method of carbon compression moulding, Factor was able to remove a significant amount of weight from the carbon lay-up by applying ultra-high levels of pressure to expel any unnecessary resin, thereby enabling superior ply compaction. The result is a frame that is not only lighter but also stronger than the O2.

Additionally, Factor has incorporated advanced materials including TeXtreme®, Nippon Graphite pitch fiber, and boron fiber into the O2 VAM to maximize stiffness and rigidity while still maintaining the stand-out compliance and rider comfort of the ViSTA.

Brilliantly Engineered
Development work for the O2 VAM began in earnest as WorldTour riders put the original O2 through its paces between 2016 and 2018. Armed with a trove of rider data and feedback, Factor set about developing not just a successor to the O2, but rather an entirely new standard for what one can expect from an all-around road bike. This natural evolution is clearly visible in the O2 VAM’s increased tire clearance (30mm measured), improved cable routing and integration, all while maintaining the O2’s race-proven geometry. The result: greater responsiveness and comfort, faster rolling speeds, and a more sculpted fuselage.

Unparalleled Ride Quality
Unbeknownst to most riders, light weight does not have to come at the expense of ride dynamics and quality. The O2 VAM remains stiff and responsive under power despite being Factor’s lightest production bike. The redesigned and optimized bottom bracket delivers exceptional torsional stiffness and instantaneous power transfer when called upon, while the seat-tube and seat-post work in symphony to provide the rider with all-day levels of compliance and souplesse.

“Historically speaking, bike brands have always struggled with the balance between maximizing profit versus developing the best bike possible. After over 20 years in the industry, I decided to throw out the rules and challenge Factor with one simple goal: to develop the absolute best bike in the world. With the O2 VAM I truly believe we have achieved this goal, and I can’t wait for our customers to experience this bike.” Rob Gitelis, owner of Factor

Available immediately at all official Factor retail partners and through Factor’s website the O2 VAM comes in both rim and disc brake variants with a matte UD carbon colorway. The O2 VAM starts at $5,499 for the chassis option, which includes frame, fork, seatpost, Black Inc barstem, CeramicsSpeed bottom bracket and headset.



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