First Look: Goodyear’s Eagle All-Season Tires

Goodyear is ”More Driven” than ever as they re-enter the cycling market 120 years later

The cycling market seems to be the big push for iconic tire brands and we aren’t complaining. As one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, it is big news that Goodyear is getting back into the cycling tire market. In 1898 the company was founded with its first product, a bicycle tire. Fast forward and Goodyear produced over 66 million tires across all of their lines in 2017. They are well known for their Goodyear Blimp that can be found flying over most major events across the country or docked next to the 405 freeway here in southern California.

Goodyear is jumping into the cycling tire market in a big way with nearly every genre covered. They have partnered with Rubber Kinetics to produce road, transit, all-terrain and mountain tires. They have used their knowledge of producing tires for other industries to first and foremost focus on rubber compound. As they stated the “perfect” tread is useless without a compound that supports it.

They are calling their road tubeless compound Silica4, and all road tires will be measured in milometers using a rim with an internal width of 19mm for 25-28mm tires and a 21mm rim for 30-40mm tires. They are not offering a 23mm tire as from their research it is a relic and does not have plans to offer a tubular either. Another interesting point is that their tubeless tires do not require sealant to seal. They do recommend it in case of a puncture or to help seal the rim. From their testing, the rim is where air loss occurs, and that is out of their control. Also, all of their road and all-terrain tires will be tubeless. Of course, you can always run a tube but they are focused on the future and tubeless is it.

For the road they are starting with an all-season tire called, you guessed it Eagle. The Eagle All-Season Tubeless Complete Dynamic: Silica4 will come in sizes 700×25, 700×28, 700×30 and 700×32, with the 30 and 32 having an option of a reflective sidewall stripe. They will all be offered for $70 each with more options in the works. For the all-road/dual purpose category, Goodyear will offer two tread patterns to start, the County and the Connector. Each will have two options, Premium or Ultimate, that changes the casing and rubber compound. Both County tires will be offered in a 700x35mm with the Premium at $60 and the Ultimate at $70. Both Connector tires will be offered in a 700x40mm with the Premium at $60 and the Ultimate at $70.

They will also have a full line of transit/commuter tires as well as mountain tires. This is a big move for a company like Goodyear and shows that they believe there is growth in cycling. They said they already have key distributors and partnerships in place, but details are still limited as we write this. The big thing is they are focused on supporting the IBD and are going to work with dealers closely. They did mention that there will be consumer direct purchasing, but the price you see in a shop will be the same price everywhere.

First impressions are great and we might even say the easiest tubeless setup to date. We have run the tires on four separate rim brands and all have mounted and seated effortlessly. The compound is very good and grip hasn’t been an issue even in the wet. We have around 500 miles on them so only time will tell how they hold up long term.  For more info head to or follow them on Instagram @GoodyearBike .

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