The Popular Küat Transfer Rack Gets the v2 upgrade

Küat’s most popular rack, the Transfer received some serious upgrades to move it into the Version 2 or v2 family of bike racks. The new Transfer v2 will continue to come in 1, 2 3-bike options with improved modular add-on ability for all three. The 3-bike even allows a one-bike add-on to carry 4 bikes.



While maintaining a simple, but effective and burly design, the Transfer v2 boasts a number of upgrades including:

  • More robust hitch design for enhanced stability in tow
  • Tamper-resistant hitch security
  • Semi-integrated bike cable lock system
  • Larger wheelbase with the capability to fit a bike up to 50” in length
  • Holds wheel sizes from 18” to 29”, previously 20” to 29”
  • Holds tire widths up to 5” with accessory strap, previously 4.5” as well as better hook clearance for loading fat bikes
  • All 2” options will be equipped with a flatlock cam for 2″, and the 1.25” will be equipped with a ball cam
  • Automotive-grade 750- hour salt spray hardware
  • Available in Ballistic Black Power with Black Anodized accents
  • Dedicated 2” hitch version in the 2 bike configuration can be directly mounted on campers, recreational vehicles, or trailers with CHASSIS MOUNTED RECEIVERS ONLY.


Küat president and co-founder Luke Kuschmeader said this rack reaches across the spectrum for cyclists from beginners to advanced and roadies to mountain bikers and fat bikers.
“We see this rack in use by serious cyclists who want a bike rack that delivers, is lightweight and can still stand up against the most grueling settings. Similarly, a more beginner cyclist likes the simplicity of this rack and the ability to carry bikes from all sizes and disciplines. We love that we can hit so many types of riders with this product,” said Kuschmeader.

Pricing and Availability

The 1, 2 and 3-bike options will come with the ability to add on one bike additions to increase carrying capacity.

The Transfer 2.0 will be available in retail in November.

Transfer v2 1-bike -1.25” hitch with a 2” adaptor $279 (will accept a 1-bike add-on to make a 2-bike rack)
Transfer v2 2-bike -2” hitch – $379 (will accept a one bike add-on to make a 3-bike rack)
Transfer v2 3-bike -2” hitch – $479 (will accept a one bike add-on to make a 4-bike rack)
Transfer v2 1-bike Add-On – $139
Transfer v2 2-bike -1.25” hitch and 2” adapter $379 (but NO 1-bike add-on available)

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