First Look: Lightweight KOMPAKTBÜGEL Handlebar

Lightweight KOMPAKTBÜGEL_side_klein

Road biking is your way of life. Speed, dynamics, sports, lifestyle. Your bike is your race weapon and your partner for training. It has to fit you perfectly – like a tailor made suit. Top performance is the least you are demanding. Ergonomics is a must have – and exactly that’s why Lightweight designed the new KOMPAKTBÜGEL. The new oval tops give you a smooth and wide contact area. Drop and reach have been selected for best ergonomic handling comfort. Thanks to state of the art high modular carbon fiber the weight could be drop down to just 192g. Light and strong enough to give you a superb handling without carrying unneeded mass and stiff enough to direct every of your steering commands directly to your front wheel. All of the carbon fiber layups follow a strict physical rules of power transmission and the KOMPAKTBÜGEL has a really comfortable ride and eliminates micro vibrations superbly.

Weight: 400mm – 192 grams
420mm – 196 grams
440mm – 200 grams
Material: HM carbon fiber
Clamp: 31,8 mm
Drop: 123 mm
Reach: 75 mm
Surface: UD black matte
Compatibility: compatible with clip on aero bars

Photos: Lightweight


Lightweight KOMPAKTBÜGEL_detail_02_klein

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