Quite possibly the best looking e-road bike so far

We just received a Niner RLT e9RDO (yeah, it’s a mouthful) and couldn’t be more pleased on two features. 1. How about the Electric Moss Green finish?! In a word, beautiful.  2. Niner went upscale and spec’d the latest Bosch Gen 4 Performance Speed motor, which owing to it’s Class-3 designation means you can enjoy pedal assist up to 28 mph. Given that so far the majority of drop bar e-bikes are spec’d with the lower speed Class 1 motor which cuts off at 19 mph.


Press Release
The e-version of our vaunted RLT gravel bike goes far and it goes fast. The Bosch Performance Line Speed drive system propels a rider to 28 miles per hour (Performance Line CX and 25kph in the EU) with a 500wh battery for longer distances. Bosch leads the category with reliable motors that deliver smooth, lag-free pedal assist, backed by an unparalleled global service network.


What’s not so obvious are the details, starting with our RDO carbon construction. Our engineers wanted the battery to be integrated and yet easily externally removable for the utmost flexibility when recharging. However, this design presents engineering challenges that we solved in elegant fashion.

Our neighbors down the hall at Electric Bike Action have had nothing but rave reviews for the Gen 4 motor from Bosch.

Using FEA modeling and extensive testing, lead engineer George Parry built a robust carbon backbone structure to withstand the roughest roads imaginable. In fact, the RLT e9 RDO passes ISO mountain bike test standards. Bonded to a 1-piece alloy motor mount, this machine is ready to go the distance for years to come.

With room for up to 50mm tires that means the Niner is more than capable of mounting up some treaded tires for an an abundance of off-road riding.

Subtle design features add incredible versatility. Post-mount disc brake fitment makes it easy to change to a flat handlebar with mountain bike brakes. Likewise, our intentional inclusion of Boost hub and crankset spacing allows the rider interchangeability with mountain bike drivetrain parts. And the all-new RLT e9 RDO carbon fork is the same length as a FOX AX suspension fork. There’s even routing for a dropper seatpost.



Shimano GRX flat mount brake calipers with custom Niner adapters for post mount frame compatibility. Shimano GRX drivetrain is Boost spaced for MTB parts compatibility.


The Niner enjoys some really clean, sculpted lines and the Bosch motor is as close to being integrated as you can get without inside the frame.


Striking is the first word that comes to mind when we first saw the Niner e-road bike. The Bosch PowerTube battery rests inside the downtube.

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