Already proven with their carbon bikes, the famous Spanish brand Orbea is now introducing a new line of less expensive aluminum gravel bikes dubbed Terra Alloy.


Press Release

● Orbea completes its Terra family with new aluminum models to make gravel more accessible for a wider cycling community.

● The aluminum Terra shares the comfort and control of its carbon counterpart thanks to its hydroformed frame and optimized selection of tube sizing.

● The bike also features additional mounts for rear panniers, ideal for large-capacity adventures.

A few months ago, Orbea debuted a new platform to conquer gravel: Terra, a fast and comfortable bike on pavement, yet efficient and easy to ride on gravel, and always ready for light bike-packing.

Among all these features, performance reigns. It’s not a competition bike, but goes all in on the idea that fun and speed are interconnected. Now, there are three aluminum models that provide an optimal level of comfort and control thanks to the hydroformed aluminum tubes and careful selection of tube sizing.

The new aluminum models will be the perfect choice for people who are looking for unlimited adventures, with mounting points for panniers and gear racks.

Gravel from the ground up

Terra is a platform designed for fun and is capable on any type of terrain. Both carbon and aluminum versions are built to satisfy the needs of three types of riders: the pure graveler, the explorer and the adventurer.

Terra is the ideal choice for the “pure” graveler in pursuit of long rides and with a preference for speed, comfort and efficiency across all surfaces. The explorer that enjoys getting lost on new trails and fire roads will see Terra as the perfect tool for the job. And the adventurer will appreciate Terra for its ability to handle long, light bikepacking-style adventures.

While both the carbon and aluminum versions come equipped with mounting points for fenders and three water bottles, the aluminum Terra models feature specific mounting points for a rear rack, ideal for long adventures.

Two materials for the frame, one for the fork

The new aluminum Terra models are made from Orbea’s hydroformed aluminum. During the design process, engineers determine the shape and thickness of the aluminum tubes to increase their strength and resistance to unwanted torsional flex. To save weight, many of the tubes are butted, making them lighter in the mid-section, away from the stress of joints and welds.

Terra carbon and aluminum share several specific technologies, such as the OMR monocoque carbon fork. As with the carbon versions, this fork offers the best combination of comfort, tire clearance and torsional stiffness.

A more capable Terra

The Terra platform is now more capable than ever, supporting a wide range of cyclists and diverse terrain with multiple models and adjustable features.

For instance, riders can opt for 700 wheels and up to 45mm tires when seeking speed and efficiency on rough roads. Or swap to 650B wheels and 50mm tires if looking for durability, traction and extreme comfort, especially for light bike-packing.

Contrary to most gravel bikes, the Terra frame on both versions allows for a wide range of gears and tires without sacrificing tire clearance. Its asymmetric chainstay design means cyclists can choose any gear for a 1x drivetrain or a 2x drivetrain with a small chainring up to 34T.

Gravel-specific geometry

Like the carbon Terra, the aluminum version also comes in six sizes, ranging from XS to XXL for the perfect size and position for every cyclist.

Both versions are also nearly identical in geometry, each with a focus on precise handling and comfort. Short chainstays that offer acceleration and speed are combined with a low bottom bracket for stability and control on rough terrain. Terra’s reach is designed to be combined with a short stem, and just like the carbon versions, the trail is specific to each of the sizes.

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