First Look: Pearl iZumi Retro Jerseys

Remembering the days when bright colors make for safer rides

Press Release

PEARL iZUMi  just launched a limited edition 80’s throwback collection to celebrate 30 years of the brand’s iconic, high-viz “Screaming Yellow” color. The designs are amazing, and super eye-catching!

In seeking inspiration for the designs, the team at PEARL iZUMi dug into their catalog archive from the late 80s and early 90s. They found that their fall 1987 catalog cover stood out, and modeled the “Awesome 80s Attack Jersey” off of that, featuring geometric graphic elements combined with fluorescent colors for a super fun and highly visible jersey.

Additionally, the “Team 90’s” Select Jersey is a riff on the jerseys worn by the powerhouse Coors Light cycling team, including legends like Davis Phinney.

While the jerseys are a fun nod to the brand’s storied history – and a truly nostalgic fashion throwback – they are also a great representation of the brand’s can’t-miss, best-selling Screaming Yellow color, which offers a broader story about visibility and road safety, beyond its stand-out appeal.
First rolled out by the brand in 1990, PEARL iZUMi’s Screaming Yellow is the top choice for those looking to be as visible as possible on the bike. Unique from other standard yellow colors on the market, this one truly “screams,” thanks to a true fluorescent dye that transforms invisible ultraviolet light (UV) into visible light, making it 200-300% brighter than the brightest white. That means riders will be seen from five times further away on the road, and stand out against nearly any background.


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