First Look: Ridley’s Kanzo Joins The Aero Gravel Mix

From inside the wind tunnel to the local dirt roads

Press Release

Santos Tour Down Under 2020 – 4th stage – Caleb Ewan (AUS – Lotto Soudal). Photo: Bettini

Ridley launched the Noah Fast in 2018, their aerodynamic bike with which Caleb Ewan won 3 more stages in last year’s Tour de France. The bike was awarded ‘Best Aerodynamic Bike’ in several tests worldwide. That’s why you recognize the F-Tubing tube profile of the Noah Fast in the new Kanzo Fast.


The Belgian manufacturer also incorporated some other crucial features of their Noah Fast in this new gravel bike. The perfect transition from fork to frame, the F-Wings at the bottom of the front fork, the perfectly integrated cables thanks to the F-Tubing technology and the aerodynamic handlebars are all technologies that already earned their stripes on the Noah Fast.

“Gravel was immediately linked to comfort and bike packing, but more and more cyclists want to participate in Gravel Fondos. With the Kanzo Fast, these cyclists really have the ideal bike for their adventure,” says Bert Kenens, product manager at Ridley. “The bike is reactive, amazing on technical courses. It’s aerodynamic of an unseen level in the gravel world and it makes gravel rides of over 200km even comfortable”.


“Our tests in the wind tunnel show that you can easily save 17 Watts compared to an ordinary gravel bike. That’s a lot of power you can use elsewhere in the race,” Kenens explains. “He even performed fantastic compared to our Noah Fast, with barely 4 watts more resistance across all the YAW angles. So, you have a winner at any point in the race.”


Despite all the aerodynamic technologies, the Kanzo Fast remains a real gravel bike. Smooth gravel geometry, comfortable rear end, 42mm tire width and one-piece gravel handlebars.

“The Kanzo Fast is truly the perfect combination of gravel and aerodynamics. If you look at all the technical features separately, you are perplexed. If you experience all those features while cycling, you’re just blown away,” says Jochim Aerts, CEO of Belgian Cycling Factory.

The rear stays of the bike is mounted remarkably low on the seat tube. “By connecting it so low to the seat tube we give the rider a lot of comfort,” says Kenens.

The gravel handlebars are perhaps one of the most striking features of the Kanzo Fast. “We really went all-in with the design of this handlebar. The cables are fully integrated. With a short drop and reach, and 16° flared, this handlebar is really designed to make sure you’re always in control,” says Kenens.

Kanzo Fast Details
– Available from 1 September
– Weight
• Frame Fork Set: 1190 gram (frame size MEDIUM, lacquered) and 490 grams (fork, lacquered)
• Kanzo Fast with Forza Vardar wheels and Shimano GRX Di2: 8,55kg
– Available in sizes XS to XL, with gravel geometry where the reach is shorter and stack higher.
– Handlebar – stem combinations from 38cm to 44cm and 9cm to 14cm available.
– Available designs:
• Army Green Metallic, Crocodile Green with Honey Gold Metallic
• Anthracite Metallic, Empress Grey Metallic with Black
– Choose your own colors and designs through the Customizer: every Ridley rider can also design his own bike through the Customizer program.
– Available for electronic and mechanical groups. One-By Only.
– Designed to fully integrate the innovative Classified shifting system without additional adjustments.
– Standard collection available in SRAM Rival1, Shimano GRX 800 and Shimano GRX Di2 but also other sizes can be configured in the Dream Builder.
– Tire clearance up to 42mm

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