First Look: Rotor 13 Speed Drivetrain

Looking for a hydraulic 1x drivetrain? Look no further

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Already famous for their unique “oval” chainrings, when it comes to unique drivetrains, it’s pretty clear that Rotor leads the way  with their hydraulic 13-speed system.  And with the drivetrain parts come an impressive pair of Magura hydraulic disc brakes.

The Latest Scoop From  Rotor

We’ve crafted the world’s first 13-speed hydraulic groupset, simplifying the performance and focusing on reliability and clean shifting. Featuring a modular platform, perfect for on- and off-road adventures, and offering a flexible choice of drivetrain components to match your ideal bike setup.
While the 1x drivetrain has taken the MTB world by storm, the perceived gear range and scale of power cadence available to the skinny-tire enthusiast between gear shifts could be off-putting. In theory, a 2×11 groupset offers 22 gears to take on any attack, and any pitch climb you might encounter — but that’s misleading. Due to overlap of chainring and sprocket combinations, the Effective Gear Range lands at just 14, which is why we set our targets on making the front derailleur obsolete.
We worked with cyclists to determine the best gearing at a variety of power demands, and built our cassette ranges around that. Learning the ideal cadences of these hundreds of riders informed the gear stepping for the best possible cycling experience.
What are the unique benefits?
* Simplified shifting- Leave behind the anticipation for the challenging front derailleur shift in the crucial race moment to avoid chain loss or chain suck.
* Expanded gear range- Exclusive 1×13 platform is a real alternative in range and gear steps to the traditional 2×11 drivetrains.
* Flexibility – Bigger gear range and more gear choices compared to existing Gravel or MTB 1×12 systems.
* Modular platform- Unique 1×13 modular platform concept fits different cycling needs with the choice of shifters, cassettes, optimised direct mount chainrings and cranks.
* Lightweight- Simplified 1x chainring without front derailleur means reduced weight and mechanical complexity with improved aerodynamics.Hydraulic actuation benefits
Maintenance free: Install, Bleed, Forget. No cables to replace, no batteries to charge.
Internal routing ready.
Lighter than battery powered and mechanical systems.
Hydraulic technology with proven reliability.


The Rotor 1×13 scales in at just 1,785g, including shifters, derailleur, brakes, and hydraulic hosing (flat mount calipers, uncut hoses: 1,800mm x 3mm / 1,800mm x 5mm, 160mm rotors, all hardware included, 10-36t 13-speed cassette, and 126-link chain, uncut), enabling you to build your superbike to the UCI standard 6.8kg with ease.


1X13 ROAD + GRAVEL Adventure Kit
1×13 rear derailleur
1×13 shifter & brake levers
1×13 RVOLVER Hubs (front & rear)
1×13 cassette of your choice
ALDHU crankset
1x DM chainring (QRing or round)
Flat-mount calipers (front and rear)
160mm brake rotors (front and rear)
126-link chain (uncut)
Cables for brakes & shifter
Magura flat mount disc brakes

1X13 ROAD + GRAVEL Ultimate Performance Kit
1×13 rear derailleur
1×13 shifter & brake levers
High-performance carbon wheels:
45mm depth, 17.5mm internal, can be run tubeless
1×13 cassette of your choice
2INpower DM Road Power Meter
1x DM chainring of your choice (QRing or round)
Flat-mount calipers (front and rear)
160mm brake rotors (front and rear)
126-link chain (uncut)
Cables for brakes & shifter
Magura flat mount disc brakes

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