First Look: Rotor INpower Power Meter

Rotor’s brand new INpower cranks could easily be mistaken for just a standard crank arm, not the impressively clean looking integrated power meter that it is. The INpower is a crank axle based power meter with all electronics full integrated in the bottom bracket spindle. With all electronics inside the spindle, the power meter is completely concealed and completely protected from outside elements. One feature that really stood out, was the tool-less battery replacement, where a simple twist pulls out the single AA battery that lasts for approximately 300 hours and keeps out all water and dirt. Rotor is also making the INpower available in both road and mountain bike versions.


The left arm only power meter is measured constantly, which is deferent from most others which measure power one or two times per pedal stroke. Within the power meter, Rotor uses a couple key features to distinguish it from the rest of the power meters out there. Their Torque 360 shows a graph on newer computers of your complete pedal stroke in order to find out where your maximum power output is located. Inline with the Torque 360 feature, the Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness graphs so the rider can work on perfecting the pedal stroke. Finally the OCA(Optimum Chainring Angle) coincides withe Rotor’s Q-rings and allows you to orient the position of the ring toward the ideal spot.

Like all other Rotor cranksets, the INpower is compatible with all road bike bottom brackets except the BB90. All INpower models are said to be available mid May.

and now have taken second generation power meter recently debuted What used to be a very exclusive club for just a handful of power meter manufacturers has now become a saturated market with new brands popping up all the time. As more companies continue to enter the power meter market. With not only a wide range of power meters specifically made for the mountain bike, Rotor brought the same technology to a road platform.

(Available in crankset or left arm and spindle only)
Flow: $1139($869)
3D+: $1079($839)
3D30: $959($779)
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