The Journeyman is ready to roll on 24-inch wheels

Press Release

Today we welcome Journeyman 24 to our lineup. As you might have guessed, this new adventure machine applies Journeyman’s versatile all-road formula to a smaller frame with 24″ wheels.

We believe that everybody should be able to bask in the freedom of a gravel ride or discover the art of self-sufficiency on a bike packing outing. Journeyman 24 makes those experiences accessible to young riders or those who aren’t currently served by the sizes offered on Journeyman 700c or 650b.

Journeyman 24’s aluminum frame has a 455 mm effective top tube length and 350 mm seat tube length to suit smaller riders. But we did more than just shrink everything. Our engineering team refined Journeyman 24’s geometry for the smaller wheel size to maintain stability and handling on a wide range of road surfaces.

Journeyman 24 may be smaller, but it’s well-equipped for dream rides:
* A reliable 1 x 9 drivetrain with a clutch derailleur to keep the wheels turning down any road you point them
24 x 1.85″ tires for the traction and cushion to take on mixed-terrain rides.
* Room for a 24 oz water bottle in the frame triangle, plus a mount on the underside of the downtube designed for use with our Anything Bracket Mini.
* Three-Pack mounts on the fork legs for hauling extra food, water, or everything you need for a night under the stars.
* Rear rack mounts for added carrying capacity

Whether you’re looking for a way to include your whole family on your all-road adventure rides, or you’re seeking your own do-it-all gravel bike in a smaller size, Journeyman 24 makes mixed-surface riding more accessible.

PRICE: $899
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