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The Veneto-based Italian saddle company Selle Repente  unveils its Prime 3.0 – 142, directly derived from Prime 2.0, one of its best sellers, extremely popular with both road riders and off-road enthusiasts.

The first change concerns the width of the saddle: 142 mm – one of the sizes most in demand on the market, which completes the range alongside the more traditional 132 mm version.

The shape of the rear of the saddle has been designed to provide a uniform contact area for customers who require this saddle size. Repente’s R&D has focused on avoiding any hindrance to the free motion of the hip joint during the pedal downstroke, creating leverage for the cyclist in terms of comfort and thrust effectiveness. The central anatomical channel, the iconic element of Prime saddles, has been made even wider.

The differential section rail is made of T700 unidirectional carbon fibre. The material used for the supporting structure of the saddle is PA12 polyurethane, reinforced with long carbon fibres (LCF technology). Repente has also applied to Prime 3.0 – 142 its proprietary RLS cover replacement technology.


The thickness of the padding layer has been increased throughout the surface of the saddle, in consideration of the fact that the 142 mm width size is mainly used by cyclists with an above-average build. To ensure a more comfortable sitting position both on uneven ground and over long distances, EVA material, highly suitable for its top lightness and shock absorption properties, has been used for the padding.

The tip of Prime 3.0 – 142 has a thicker padding layer with a square-shaped cross section to provide the best support when moving forward along the saddle.

The Repente saddle cover is made of water-based non-slip PU, already used with excellent results in other Repente models, including Quasar. This solution allows the athlete to adopt the best stance on the bike throughout the session. The saddle graphics, minimal and stylish, manage to combine design with functionality. The sides of the middle-front part feature a graphic pattern in glossy paint, which has the effect of reducing any inner thigh chafing.

Prime 3.0 – 142 is a highly innovative creation, every little detail has been designed and tested to offer the market a new benchmark product combining comfort and performance. Painstaking care has been used throughout the design phase and in the product manufacturing process, all exquisitely Italian-made in the best Repente tradition.


· COATING: Water-based microfiber

· PADDING: Super lightweight Eva foam

· PADDING SUPPORT PA12: Carbon Reinforced

· SUPPORT STRUCTURE: PA12 Long Carbon Fiber (LCF)

· RAIL: UD Carbon Fiber T700 Ø 7×9 mm

· DIMENSIONS: 275 mm x 142 mm

· WEIGHT: (± 5%) 160 g (5,64 oz)


Price: $154 Euro

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