The new gravel wheels from Japan

As we get closer to the 2022 Unbound start, it seems like everyone is launching new hoops for the unpaved roads. Shimano is going wide with their new GRX RX870 carbon wheels that have a 25mm wide internal dimension. The press release doesn’t point it out but it seems like Shimano has chosen to keep a hook bead for the new gravel option. This tubeless wheelset will likely boost the volume of almost any tire. Shimano says they are for tires between 32mm to 50mm, we would say they could pair well with as small as a 28mm tire and if your bike has the room you can definitely go bigger than 50mm.

Check out a few of the Shimano bikes heading to Unbound


Press Release

Designed for the specific demands of gravel riding, racing, and exploration, Shimano’s new GRX carbon tubeless gravel wheels bring lightweight, reliable performance in a modern gravel wheel package. Whether your preferred riding terrain is fast gravel roads, smooth, serpentine singletrack, or bushwhacking along old goat paths, these lively tubeless-ready wheels deliver the key performance features necessary to assure a great day on the bike.

Shimano’s lightweight GRX carbon wheelset weighs in at just 1,461 grams and features a shallow 32-millimeter rim height for faster acceleration and climbing whether on steady mountain climbs or the endlessly rolling terrain. The shallower rim depth also ensures better control in heavy crosswinds, a scenario so common on long rides.

Featuring Shimano’s ultra-reliable cup-and-cone ball-bearing hubs, the GRX carbon gravel wheels deliver quick engagement and a lively feel on all riding surfaces. Whether you’re fighting to stay on a wheel during a hectic gravel race start or challenging your riding pals to a town line sprint, the RX870 wheels immediately jump into action.

The GRX carbon rim width is a fully modern 30mm external and 25mm internal, making these wheels suitable for tires from 32mm wide all the way up to 50mm. And the stealth black full-carbon rims are laced with 24 spokes front and rear to maximize strength and reliability no matter how far down the road less traveled your adventures take you.


  • Lightweight carbon gravel wheels for riding and racing
  • Designed for 32-50mm tire widths
  • 25mm internal and 30mm external rim widths
  • Rim Height: 32mm
  • Cup-and-cone ball bearing hubs
  • 24 spoke count
  • Weight: front 639g, rear 822g, total weight of 1,461 grams
  • Price: $1399.99

For More Info: Shimano

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