Just hoping someone wears these in the Tour de France

To recognize Sidi’s sixty year history of producing footwear, the vaunted Italian brand has released the lightest shoe in their catalog. The Sixty bows to modernity with its use of the now-ubiquitous, synthetic-leather micro-fiber upper and one of Sidi’s proprietary Techno dials on the tongue.

Press Release

Sidi is launching a new  limited edition version for its Sixty collection, inspired by the craziest and chameleonic looks of the 90’s. This decade stands out for its shocking colors and quite absurd miscellaneous styles that have made history even in cycling. This trend has led Sidi to boost its iconic shoes with an explosion of color, painting the upper with red, yellow and blue tones.

These new pop shades form a truly offbeat mix when paired with the Sidi Sixty’s classy look, which is why this limited edition is so unique.


The Sidi Sixty cycling shoes were developed to celebrate sixty years of tireless and passionate work, sixty years of successes and champions. Made with cutting-edge materials that are also eco-friendly, Sidi Sixty are lightweight, high-performance, durable, and naturally comfortable. The technology behind these shoes includes an incredible mix of iconic details and innovative solutions, like the Tecno-4 single-rotor closure system, which reduces weight while offering incredibly precise adjustment.

The ultra-light Vent Carbon sole is made from carbon fibers, which ensure the right balance of stiffness and controlled flexibility in the toe. Special integrated air ducts provide ventilation and heat dissipation.

Sizes: 38 – 38,5 – 39 – 39,5 – 40 – 40,5 – 41 – 41,5 – 42 – 42,5 – 43 – 43,5 – 44 – 44,5 – 45 – 45,5 – 46 – 46,5 – 47 – 48

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