First Look: Silca Pocket Impero Pump and Seat Roll


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Seat rolls are becoming increasing popular in place of the common seat pack. Silca has developed a high quality seat roll with Yanco to secure all you must haves on the bike. Sourced with original 10.1 oz Martexin Waxed Duck canvas, developed for use in WWII. With equivalent water resistance to leather, the waxed duck produces a beautiful and supple bag that only improves both functionally and in beauty with age, and can also be re-waxed every few years to re-waterproof. Each seat roll is perfectly sized to carry your ride essentials, and then roll up to form a discreet and tasteful looking under-seat pouch.  Three pockets allow for perfect holding of a SILCA EOLO with 2 CO2 cartridges, one inner tube up to 700x30c, and two tire levers, credit card, cash, key, and patches.  Once rolled up, the kit fits snugly under your saddle squeezing between the saddle rails and holding tightly in place with a single strap.

open roll


pocket on whiteSILCA POCKET IMPERO
The Pocket Impero brings the precision of SILCA Inflation to your jersey pocket. A far cry from a mini-pump, the Pocket Impero creates a class of it’s own. Utilizing same the CNC aluminum head, brass check valve, and 3mm leather gasket as it’s big brother, the Pocket Impero puts the power of a frame pump in the palm of your hand. The Slide-Lock silicone sleeve protects your hand from heat, and also locks the pump for easy storage. The Pocket Impero boasts the highest pumping efficiency in its class, meaning fewer strokes between you and your destination.

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