First Look: Specialized S-Works 7 Shoe

The fit has changed and so has the BOA

Specialized shoes have been a go-to thanks to their Body Geometry technology offered for over 18 years. The new S-Works 7 Shoe is no different but thanks to the data and knowledge they have collected over the years things have been slightly modified. This has been further enhanced by the knowledge and expertise from their partners at Retul. The amount of data Specialized is gathering makes them the Google of bike info and it seems they are using this data to improve the fit and function of products across their entire catalog.

The Stats

Full sizes from 36-49

Half sizes 38.5-46.5

Wide and Narrow Available (black only)

5 colorways available

460 grams Pair (size 43)

Three-bolt cleat pattern

proprietary alloy BOA Dial


First Impressions

The fit of the new 7 shoe is different but for most of our testers, it was all positive. The toe box has been widened and the heel cup a bit deeper. The material used on the upper is Dyneema mesh that is rigid in one direction and stretches in the other. This has been specifically oriented to allow blood flow but maintains foot stability. The arch of the shoe has been slimmed down too. The tongue is designed in partnership with the Boa retention system to also maximize blood flow without compromising support.

The new carbon sole is lighter and claims to be stiffer than the 6 (we will take their word, they are both very stiff). The cleat bolts to titanium cleat nuts on the bottom of the sole. The heel pad is replaceable but in our few weeks of testing, we haven’t even left a mark on it.  At 460 grams the shoes feel light but still very supportive. The perforated front transitions to a smoother texture on the center and back half.

The new S3-Snap dials from BOA are a combined effort from Specialized and BOA. The dials are alloy with a fine textured outer rim. They do not have a quick release but the cable does easily separate from the guide once loosened far enough. The two dials are offset to the outside of the upper and only have on cable guide each for precise tension. There is also a single strap near the toe. The dials do protrude fairly far from the upper.


Overall the shoes are very good. The new last makes for a wider range of feet without losing the ability to fit the previous customers. The dials do stick out pretty far and one crash on the alloy might leave a sharp edge. The heel holds tight and the Dials are flawless other than you cant pull out for the full release. The carbon sole is stiff and the rubber on the heel pad looks like it might outlast the carbon. Since the fit has changed from the previous model might be a good time to get your foot measured and even better consider a set of custom molded footbeds.



  • New and improved fit
  • Stiff and with secure heel
  • Alloy BOA dials protrude but feel great

Price: $400


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