T-Red is a high-end emporium of Italian-made road bikes that we’ve been keeping an eye on for years. The bikes are as uniquely designed as they are named. And so, check out the latest release of the Rea Urano steel bike. Beautiful as ever!


Press Release

Once again, a new bike designed and developed by Romolo Stanco and TOOT Engineering enters the world of cycling showing a different way of conceiving those “eight welded tubes”.


Yes, a steel bike. Forget the classic tubes or chromed steel, here we are talking about an alloy conceived and designed specifically for these bikes, an alloy in which the steel is micro-alloyed with Niobium, so as to significantly improve the mechanical characteristics of the material. Niobium, present in small quantities (0.02-0.1% by weight) has a significant impact on many important properties. The grain is refined, hardening by precipitation increases its toughness, resistance and weldability. This means being able to reduce thicknesses and sections while still guaranteeing the stiffness of the frame where it is needed and maintaining the comfort and elasticity of steel.


The  Rea Urano’s tubes allowed Romolo Stanco to study geometries aimed at improving uphill traction without compromising reactivity and stability.

A well-balanced bike that is exalted above all in the climbs, even in the most demanding. A bike designed to accompany you on every pedal stroke, lightening the effort and transforming every pedaled kilometer into satisfaction. A bike that is not afraid of curves, even on the fastest descents. A perfect balance for every climber.


The version presented is fitted with Campagnolo’s 1×13 Ekar single chainring group. A solution that takes the group away from gravel use and demonstrates its potential on the road as well. The bike is set up with TOOT by BLKTEC integrated cable routing cockpit, TOOT Engineering Race-proven differentiated wheels 37mm at the front and 51mm at the rear, with hand-spoked 3K Twill rim by Pippowheels.

Weight? In the version presented in the photos, the bike is 7.4Kg with a 56cm top tube. Complete bike starting from $5,890 euro with a Campagnolo Ekar 1×13 group.


For More Info: T-Red

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