It was four years ago when the Italian bike brand Basso announced that they were jumping into the gravel market. The most interesting aspect of the move was how much it represented the generational shift that was occurring not just in the bike industry, but more specifically, the Italian bike industry.

Rainbow stripes for Marino Basso. The bike brand would be founded by his brother five years later in 1977.

Basso Bikes was founded by Alcide Basso back in 1977. The brand earned their rainbow stripes owing to Alcide’s brother Marino winning the world road championships back in 1972. Like every legacy Italian builder, Alcide of course started his business in steel before eventually making the move to carbon fiber.

The new Basso Palta – ready to race.

Enter Alcide’s son Alessandro who not only was a an avid cyclist, but also a tad more clued into the modern day trappings of bike sport and culture. In a word, he was was hip to the comings of gravel while Alcide was not. Alessandro wanted to make a gravel bike, Alcide did not. In the end, youth won out and the Basso Palta was born.


RBA test rider John Perry was stoked to bag 200 miles aboard the  original Basso Palta back in 2019.

Being the early purveyors of all things gravel, RBA was quickest to pounce on the Basso Palta and got our hands on the first version to polish off 200 miles at the  2019 running of Dirty Kanza (nee Unbound Gravel).  But that was then and now there is news of second rev Palta that continues to hold position in the performance category of gravel.


  •  The  Palta incorporates a new version of the tried and trusted 3B clamp system. A new vulcanized ange and new material for the rubber gusset to minimize vibrations to the saddle and rider.
  • While the geometry remains nearly identical to the previous version, the new Palta’s frame tubes get an aerodynamic update with the seat stays, seat tube, head tube and fork legs all having clear Kamm tail shapes matched with a rounded leading edge to help reduce drag.
  • The 1.5” x 1.5” oversized headset couples with stackable 5mm spacers with a split-lock design that allows them to be separated and removed without need of rerouting cables. For anyone in need of an extra aggressive position this stem can serve also as a top cap for the headset, thus eliminating the need for any spacers.

  • In addition to the new seat post, there are several offset seatpost options and two new adventure-focused head unit mounts, compatible with both Wahoo and Garmin computers.
  • One significant change in geometry comes by way of a slight increase in the slope of the top tube. This was done to increase the length of the exposed seatpost in order to improve its flexibility and help dampen road shock.


Loaded to bear, Basso also has a full compliment of bags to go along with the new Palta.
While designed as a full-on gravel bike, the Palta brings with it a road racing pedigree that makes it a viable road bike as well.


Zap fingers company founder Alcide Basso who was proudly showing-off a freshly painted frame along with his cohorts at the Basso factory. Alcide’s son Alessandro (fourth from right) is  responsible for the brands jump into the gravel scene.


Here’s the recently tested Diamante SV that is gracing the November 2021 issue of Road Bike Action. We built the bike with the latest Shimano Dura-Ace 12-speed drivetrain.

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