Wilier has announced some major updates to the Cento Air that are aimed to further improve aerodynamics as well as tire clearance. Now called the Cento10 Air, the bike actually sees an increases in frontal area of nearly 3% compared to the Cento1AIR, yet has an 8% improved aerodynamics efficiency according to Wilier. Rather than focusing on the front end, Wilier designed the frame to maximize the efficiency of the entire bike.

Cento10 Air Dura-Ace 9100 with RS21 wheels and Alabarda integrated bar/stem will retail for $6949.

Features that help achieve the aerodynamic gains include the Alabarda  integrated bar and stem and wider fork legs that help reduce wind turbulence. Direct Mount rim brakes ensure the Cento10AIR can accept up to 28mm tires, without sacrificing any aerodynamic losses.

CENTO 10-d1
Cento10 Air Ultegra Di2 with RS21 wheels and Alabarda integrated bar/stem will retail for $6399.

Like all other recent Wilier frames, The Cento10 Air uses what’s called “Balanced Design” to ensure every frame size feels and rides the same. From the XS to the XXL, the tubes are resized to match the frame. The Cento10 Air will be available in the United States in two complete build options, and two frameset options. The frameset with Alabarda bar/stem will cost $4499, or $3749  without Alabarda.

The new Wilier Cento10 Air is claimed to be more aerodynamic than the previous Cento1 Air through the use of an integrated bar/stem and wider fork legs that reduce wind turbulence.
A sleek looking frontal area.
The Alabarda bar/stem has a hidden Di2 box compartment for those using Shimano electronic shifting.
Although the Cento10 Air is not yet available in a disc brake vesion, direct mount rim brakes allow ample room for a 28mm tire to be used.

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