First Look: Wilier’s Wild Cento10NDR Endurance Bike

Press Release

Wilier Triestina builds on the huge success of the Cento10AIR to launch the endurance focused Cento10NDR. The new bicycle is built for riders looking to take on rough roads and longer rides in complete comfort. As a racing-focused company, Wilier sought the input of the Wilier Triestina – Selle Italia team for feedback during the three-year design process. The bike upholds the famed handling characteristics the brand is known for, while making the bike a cobbled classic contender for racers, and a delight on rough descents and unpaved roads.

Featuring the brand new ACTIFLEX suspension system, and the ability to run either rim or disc brakes, the Cento10NDR is a versatile bike that will excel in a huge range of conditions.

Wilier has developed the innovative ACTIFLEX suspension system exclusively for the Cento10NDR. This new ACTIFLEX technology uses a linkage behind the seat-tube to provide vibration damping and isolation from bumps. The carefully controlled suspension will be almost unnoticeable when riding, with the bike working to smooth out imperfections in the road. The ACTIFLEX system on the Cento10NDR barely moves in normal riding situations, but can flex up to 3 mm when needed.

The suspension can be tuned using three different weights of technopolymer insert. The technopolymer has been developed to provide consistent performance across a huge temperature range. Rather than the basic single polymers of older suspension systems, the technopolymer rubber is a combination of different synthetic compounds that counterbalance each other as the temperature changes, giving the same adsorption characteristics in temperatures from -40 Celsius to +150 Celsius.
Knowing this bike would find its home on the northern European cobbles, as well as sloppy winter rides and scorching summer adventures, keeping the suspension system constant across a wide temperature range was critical.

The Cento10NDR will be available in the United States as a complete bicycle, or frameset only. Full builds will be available with a Dura Ace Disc Mechanical groupset for $7999, and in an Ultegra Di2 Disc groupset for $7349. The frameset will retail for $3499. The full size run, from XS to XXL, will be available in the United States, starting in September 2017.

The polymer insert works in tandem with the built-in flex of the carbon fiber chainstays. While the amount of movement at the chainstays is imperceptible to the naked eye, this flex is primarily responsible for the vibration damping, while the ACTIFLEX system controls both the compression and rebound of that flex to keep the suspension consistent in all conditions.

Matching the terrain that this bike will be ridden across, the Cento10NDR will arrive stock in the USA with disc brakes and room for 32c tires. The tire clearance, measured on modern wide rims, will allow for large tires to fit while still keeping clearance for mud and dirt. The bike is also capable of being run with direct mount rim brakes, a nod to the likelihood of the Wilier Triestina – Selle Italia Pro Team riding this bicycle in the Spring Classics, where there is still considerable uncertainty as to whether disc brakes will be allowed.

The Cento10NDR geometry has been designed from the ground up to provide a balanced but lively ride. The reach has been reduced in comparison to the Cento10AIR in order to increase the maneuverability on rough terrain. The stack height has been increased, giving the rider to the ability to find a comfortable bar height without resorting to a huge number of spacers under the stem. The resulting position will keep riders happy on long rides, while creating a clean aesthetic that matches the bike’s smooth lines. Wilier wanted to ensure the Cento10NDR could be raced in the professional ranks, while still accommodating the rider looking for a comfortable all-day position on the bike.

While the Cento10AIR realized large weight savings over previous models, the Cento10NDR adds just 100 grams to the frame, ensuring the benefits of increased vibration damping can be gained without sacrificing the amazing feeling of riding a lightweight bike. The integration found on the Cento10AIR is also carried forward, meaning the bike can be run with absolutely no external cables. Building on the success of the Alabarda bar/stem combo, Wilier will be launching a modular system to accompany the Cento10NDR. The Wilier Barra and Stemma keeps the aero advantage of the integrated system, and also preserves the ability to run cables internally through the bar and stem, but offers up increased versatility through the ability to adjust the bar at home. The stem will come in 90, 100, 110, 120, and 135 mm lengths, at an angle of 10.5 degrees. The handlebar will come in 40, 42, and 44 mm widths.

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