First Ride: Clement Strada USH 32c Tires

Clement has now grown their X’PLOR family of tires to three with the recent addition of the Strada USH. The 32mm wide, tubeless-ready Strada USH resembles a shrunken down version of the ever-popular 35mm X’PLOR USH that uses a center track with a light chevron pattern and herringbone tread on the shoulders for cornering traction in lose terrain. At 32mm in width, the Strada USH can fit on many of the endurance bikes currently on the market, which adds a whole new level of versatility to the bike since the additional width and side tread offer a nominal improvement in flat resistance, traction and comfort compared to a 28mm slick.

We received the Strada USH in a tubeless-ready version that has a retail price of $75 and, on our scales, weighs 405 grams. A 60 TPI version will also be available for $55.

Ease of installation was in line with the best tubeless tires we’ve used as we were able to get them on a pair of Roval CLX 32 wheels by hand and seated with a standard floor pump. No air compressor needed. Due to the wide, 21mm internal width of the rims, the tires actually measured out to 34mm when installed, yet still easily fit onto the Specialized Roubaix we tested them on.

A fast-rolling center tread coupled with a herringbone tread profile on the shoulders helped the Strada USH perform in a number of conditions.

We began our ride with the tires set at 50 psi since the first 25 miles was on pavement. They rolled well and didn’t have the feel or sound of a knobby tire on the pavement thanks to the smooth center tread. After the first bit of riding, we traded the pavement for a maintained dirt road that included a three-mile climb and descent. After dropping the pressure down to 40 psi the Strada USH tires offered up a surprising amount of cushion, in addition to handling that was far and away better than the 28mm slicks we had previously been using.

Saying the Strada USH is a true gravel tire would be an overstatement, and of course Clement has other tire models to fill that segment, but we found it to be a nice go-between for those that want a robust tire that can handle some dirt while having enough air volume to do wonders for the ride quality on the roughest of paved roads. Having a tubeless-ready option is a boon since the elimination of tubes becomes all the more beneficial when you’re wanting to run lower pressure without the worry of pinch flatting. Because of the solid center tread, the tires should wear well and provide a long-lasting tire capable of any number of uses ranging from commuting to ripping down gravel roads.

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