As we all know, if there is one country that best defines the essence of cycling passion, it would be Italy. And within  the confines of that beautiful country remain some of the greatest, most historically noteworthy bike brands. DeRosa is one of them.

After starting the brand in 1953, Ugo De Rosa went on to earn a reputation for his precision craftsmanship and artisanal production of high-end racing bikes. Over the last 70 years, the brand has moved on from its origins crafting steel frames and has since moved on to producing a range of carbon racing bikes. Today the 89-year-old’s legacy remains intact as Ugo’s two sons continue to run the company with a catalog full of different models (of which only four imported into America).

Ugo DeRosa is still playing a role in the family run bike business he shares with his sons.



Intended to be a high-end racing bike the DeRosa Merak is focused on weight savings and premium ride characteristics. The monocoque frame uses a blend of various high-modulus carbon fibers to create a light and responsive frame with thicker layers of material around the bottom bracket and head tube to improve strength. Once the frame has been molded and cured in Taiwan it is shipped to Italy where it gets finished and painted by hand at the DeRosa factory in Milan.

Our complete bike hit the scales at a scant 15.75 pounds. Although as built the bike would retail for over $16,000, the frameset sells for $6499. The frame is available in a range of beautiful colors and eight different sizes.

This is not a run-of-the-mill road bike. Yes, it’s made in Taiwan, but between its Italian paint and build, and it’s royal-like legacy, the DeRosa can legitimately roll with its head held high. All that, but especially with its exquisite ride quality, is what makes the $6499 frameset price seem downright reasonable! Just as DeRosa has done throughout its history, with the Merak the brand has created another top-notch race bike. The Merak exemplifies the pinnacle of modern road bike design in a package that represents a substantive slice of the sport’s cherished heritage – and for us that’s a really good thing!


Long before today’s lightweight carbon bikes defined the essence of speed and performance, this 1953 DeRosa epitomized a performance road bike decades ago.

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