First Ride Review: Cannondale SuperSix Evo

Cannondale's redesigned SuperSix


Following the Topstone is a redesigned SuperSix Evo. Lowered seat stays and a higher stack and shorter reach come together for an untraditional look from Cannondale. The third iteration of the Evo series received a few updates we have been waiting on, including clearance for up to 30mm tires. It is available in sizes 44cm to 62cm with SRAM and Shimano component options which range in price from $2200 to $11,500. Rim brake hold outs rejoice, Cannondale will produce a rim brake specific frame and fork available with a Shimano 105 or Shimano Ultegra mechanical gruppo.

Nathan Barry was the lead engineer for the project, he led the development of various designs until the production model was selected after testing at the San Diego Low Speed Wind Tunnel. The dropped seat stay design proved to reduce drag in the most common yaw angles for the greatest aerodynamic gains without compromising pedaling efficiency. Like other frames with dropped stays the SuperSix boasts improved vertical compliance that eats up noticeably more chatter than the previous model for a ride quality similar to Specialized Tarmac.

Cannondale parted from their classic round tubes and opted for more aero savings with the use of airfoil shaping throughout the frame. Gated steerer tube spacers are another addition to the SuperSix, since their first appearance on the SystemSix in 2018. They only fit under the stem and can be replaced by round spacers on top, however we prefer to just cut the steerer tube to the appropriate length for a clean look.


During our ride on the Topstone we had a few previews of the tarmac and knew to expect a few bumps and cracks on Vermont’s weathered roads. Thankfully the SuperSix Evo’s ride quality is vastly improved. The frame improvements in addition to our size 25mm Vittoria tires which ballooned up to about 27mm on our Hollowgram rims buffed out a portion of the road feedback. Our bike was spec’d with Shimano Dura Ace disc components, Cannondale Spider 50×36 chainrings and a Power2Max power meter. Like the SystemSix, bikes spec’d with the Power2Max will have the option to activate it for $500, otherwise it will remain useless. 


The bike maintains its lightweight roots and a size 56 frame weighs in at a claimed 976 grams. Accelerations up punchy climbs felt quick but not as efficient as the previous rim brake Evo, nonetheless the SuperSix is aggressive. 

Descending the Evo feels confident at speed thanks to its 99.2cm wheelbase. While cornering, the Evo grips the apex and moves where you point it but requires a bit more wrestling in tighter corners than the previous SuperSix.

700 M SuperSix HM Disc D/A Di2 $  11,500   $  14,000 
700 M SuperSix HM Disc Ult Di2 $    7,750   $    9,650 
700 M SuperSix HM Disc D/A $    7,200   $    8,800 
700 F SuperSix Crb Disc UltDi2 $    6,700   $    8,200 
700 M SuperSix CrbDisc FrceTap $    6,500   $    8,250 
700 M SuperSix Crb Disc Ult $    4,200   $    4,700 
700 F SuperSix Crb Disc Ult $    4,200   $    4,700 
700 M SuperSix Crb Disc 105 $    2,750   $    3,600 
700 F SuperSix Crb Disc 105 $    2,750   $    3,600 
700 M SuperSix Crb 105 $    2,200   $    2,700 
700 F SuperSix Crb 105 $    2,200   $    2,700 



Cannondale, announced the launch of the all-new SuperSix EVO – a dramatic evolution of their classic road racing machine. Redesigned to significantly reduce aerodynamic drag, while staying true to its light, smooth and agile roots, it’s a pure road bike built to help the modern rider fly.


“Aerodynamic efficiency has a huge affect on speed and performance in cycling, so reducing drag on the new SuperSix EVO was a priority,” said Nathan Barry, Cannondale Design Engineer. “But it was equally important that the new bike retain the light weight, responsiveness and composed ride that made the previous iterations so successful.”


To balance the competing demands of light weight and aerodynamics, the new SuperSix EVO utilizes a new family of highly truncated airfoil tube shapes that greatly reduce drag, while delivering equal or better weight, stiffness and ride feel than the former frame. These fast tube shapes are a key part of the sleek system-integrated design, where the frame, fork, seatpost, bar, stem and wheels are engineered to work together for optimal performance. It all adds up to a bike that will save a rider a full 30 watts of power at 48 km/h (30 mph) over the previous version, making it the fastest of the lightweight road bikes currently available. For more details and testing data on the SuperSix EVO see Cannondale’s Take Flight Technical Paper at


Since its inception, SuperSix EVO has been known for its elegantly smooth ride quality, and the new one is even smoother. The new SAVE rear stays, integrated binder and 27 KNØT seat post increase compliance by up to 18%. The frame has space to run 30mm tires with plenty of clearance, and the new SAVE bar offers bump absorbing deflection and less aero drag, for more comfort, control and speed over less than perfect road surfaces.


The HollowGram 45 KNØT Wheels are an evolution of Cannondale’s wide, low-drag rim profile, with a light, versatile 45mm depth. They are one of the fastest all-around race wheelsets in the world, and they maintain exceptional aerodynamic efficiency even with big tires, opening up possibilities for more speed in more places than ever.


The SuperSix EVO also offers riders a new way to connect with their bike and the ride experience. Cannondale connected technology seamlessly pairs an integrated wheel sensor with the new Cannondale App to deliver hyper-accurate speed, route and distance info, as well as provide curated information about their bike, send detailed service reminders and more all through their smartphone.

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