First Ride: Trek Checkpoint SL 6

Trek jumps into the gravel segment with their new dedicated SL 6

Trek may be a little late to the Gravel game but they have finally introduced their full fledged dedicated Checkpoint which can handle all types of multi-surface riding. With seven different styles to choose from that includes carbon and aluminum builds, the Trek Checkpoint has multiple bottle cages, rack mounts for fender’s and bag’s, tire clearance of up to 45c and their IsoSpeed decoupler.

Our current test bike has an Ultegra drivetrain, carbon frame and Bontrager aluminum wheels which all together retails for $3,799.99.

Look for the full review and breakdown in an upcoming Road Bike Action magazine.

The Checkpoint has complete internal cable routing with all of their cables running into the down tube through this clean port.
Though the Checkpoint is disc equipped it still has a rear seat stay bridge and you can also see here the rack mounts on the side of the seat stays.
There are many additional water cage mounts to load up your Checkpoint with plenty of liquids.
A Bontrager thru – axle with a turn lever for the front and rear wheels.
Our Checkpoint came completely blacked out with a matte finish and gloss decals.
Shimano cable Ultegra drivetrain came on our test bike which always works well.
The Checkpoint SL 6 is Trek’s first true and dedicated gravel bike.
An asymmetrical rear chain stay gives the Checkpoint a great look when up close.
All the additional parts are Bontrager from the bars, stem, seat post and wheels.
The Checkpoint come’s with many mounting areas for additional racks and bags.
The Checkpoint frame offers up great curves & geometry for the bike that is built for the multi-surface terrain.
Trek doesn’t offer a 1x system among it’s rang of Checkpoints and our test bike came with a 50/34 dual crank set.
The Checkpoint comes with their “Carbon Armor” guard under their down tube to help decrease the harsh feel of rocks hitting your frame.
More rack mounts can be found on front of the fork.
Another look at additional mounting places on top of the top tube for another bottle cage or bag mount.
From the side view you get a good look at the rear rack mounts and IsoSpeed decoupler.
Hydraulic Ultegra flat mount discs brakes always work great.
Stranglehold drop outs on the rear of the chain-stays which allows you to adjust your Checkpoint to a single speed.
Trek brings their IsoSpeed decoupler to their Checkpoint which helps reduce harshness from the impacts you’ll encounter on the road.
The Checkpoint allows up to 45c tires tires to let you handle any sort of terrain you come across.


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