First Ride Video: BMC Roadmachine 01 Three

BMC's latest Roadmachine


With the new Roadmachine, BMC hopes to further evolve the category by combining a (claimed) frame weight of 895 grams with refined geometry to reach a wider swath of riders. The carbon frameset uses what they call TCC (Tuned Compliance Concept) with shapes and layups that are meant to optimize comfort while increasing stiffness throughout. The fork uses a specific brake adapter that maintains the fork’s shaping and symmetry. As the trend of wider wheels and tires continues to grow, there is now room for up to 33mm of rubber.

The head tube has been lengthened with the elimination of the recessed headset bearings, and our size-56 frame measures in at 18.1cm. The wheelbase is 100.8cm with 41cm chainstays for a sporty endurance experience. 

There is a PF86 bottom bracket, and the frame and fork are drilled for flat-mount disc calipers with 12mm thru-axles and full internal routing of all the cables. The carbon steerer tube is rectangular in shape to allow the hydraulic brake lines to run internally alongside and internal of the headset spacers from the base of the stem.


The Roadmachine is categorized as an endurance bike, and that’s suiting because we could ride it all day. This doesn’t mean it’s under-gunned in the performance category, though. The bottom bracket is stiff while standing under hard efforts. In the saddle the bike provides a noticeably supple ride. The large 28mm tires help keep the road feedback at bay and contact patch large. Cornering is predictable, and the bike has a very stable feel.

In the saddle or out of it, the bike offers a very natural response to efforts, and testers commented on how easy it was to adapt to. At 18.1cm the head tube is fairly long on our size 56, plus the added spacers to make room for the completely hidden brake lines so the front end feels tall. Most testers didn’t notice the taller position after only a few minutes on the bike and commented on how responsive it was.


Price: $7699

Weight: 17.48 pounds

Sizes: 47cm, 51cm, 54cm, 56cm (tested), 58cm, 61cm

The updated Roadmachine is BMC’s version of an endurance bike that seeks to balance weight, stiffness and compliance to create an enduring ride experience.

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